Wednesday, October 23, 2013

50 Shades of Nail Polish

Ok so it's no secret that I am obsessed with nail polish, I love getting manicures & pedicures (what girl doesn't?), but I also love painting my own nails.  The great thing about nail polish is that it's such an inexpensive & easy way to change up your look.  I own so many colors & always get so excited when new nail polish collections come out.  It's just so much fun to get a new color!  Essie makes so many super popular nail polishes, & since becoming a 3 free brand (the only type of nail polish I use) they have become my favorite brand to use.  I've come up with a list of important shades that they make, that I feel every girl should have all or at least a few of in their nail polish collection.  I've been doing some research & found out some of Essie's most popular shades & looked at some of my favorite polishes to come up with the list.  Here is the run down:

Mint Candy Apple- One of Essie's 'Most Shared' polishes on Twitter, their website describes as, "Adorable crème de menthe mint nail polish is perfect in any season.  Don’t be fooled by its sweet exterior, this apple bites back".  It's a pretty pastel that is one of my favorite shades.
Turquoise & Caicos- A similar color the polish above, but definitely distinctly its own color, hailed by Rose & Reese as one of Top 10 Essie Nail Polishes.  Of the polish Essie says, "Frolic in the sublime waters of this flirty polish.  Vibrant, tropical aqua nail color refreshes mind, body and fashion wardrobe."

Chinchilly- An award winning polish for it's flattering 'greige' color, described by Essie as, "Jet set cool.  A sleek granite gray polish that positively radiates urban chic and subtle sophistication.  This luxe of lacquers goes with everything".  Also one of Rose & Reese's Top 10 Essie Nail Polishes.

Bordeaux- One of Essie's most popular reds, they describe it as, "Deep red wine nail polish uncorks a positively intoxicating manicure.  Everybody's under the influence of this vintage beauty bottled at chateau gorgeous".  Pair it in the fall with a nice glass of it's namesake wine.
Lacquered Up- This pretty candy apple polish is an another award winning shade for Essie, of the color they say, "Precious.  Rare.  Iconic.  Like the red lacquer arts of asia, this glossy, gorgeous red-hot crimson nail polish will lavish you in exotic allure".
Wicked- A highly praised, award winning red/plum shade, Essie says that it is, "Forever stylish.  Deep, dark sinister red is not for the feint of heart.  Strident, striking and bold, blood red lacquer creates a sensational, sexy nail look".  This shade is a perfect deep red polish for winter time.

Borrowed & Blue- A pale blue shade that looks gorgeous & is unexpected, but as appropriate as a pastel pink.  A part of their wedding collection Essie says, "This radiant light blue gets you all set for the big day.  The perfect marriage of precious and chic, this shade is for keeps".
Bobbing for Baubles- This navy/gray shade is loved by fashion mags & celebs alike, again as a blue shade it is more unexpected then a dark plum or red.  As Essie describes it, "Don’t hold your breath, just take the fashion plunge and score this magnificent jewel tone nail lacquer of deepest, darkest sapphire".
Butler Please- A bright cobalt blue that gives a great pop of color, it pairs well with Mint Candy Apple as an accent nail.  I call this the "Perfect Villanova Blue", but Essie says, "Indulge in a bright blue nail color hue that simply adores being waited on hand and foot".
Bikini So Teeny- Another one of Essie's 'Most Shared' polishes on Twitter, in 2013 this periwinkle hue became the number one selling trend nail color of all time.  It is a fun color that Essie describes as, "Daring meets darling in pretty yet provocative cornflower blue.  This sparkling nail polish bares it all with a wink and a smile and no strings attached".

Bottle Service- A bright, fun neon pink that looks great against a tan & adds a bright pop in the cooler months.  From their neon collection, Essie describes as, "Score the best table in the house, scope the scene and pour on the party this scorching neon fuchsia nail color".  On their website they even give an "Essie Tip" saying "make your neon manicure pop: use one layer of ‘Blanc’ under your Essie neon shade".
Haute as Hello- A gorgeous coral that is hailed by Rose & Reese as a Top 10 Essie Nail Polishes, they call it 'unique' & 'a great color for summer'.  Of it Essie says, "Kick up the color with this racy, scorching coral and make a stand for fierce, fiery fashion.  You’re so haute, you’re on fire".
Madison Ave-Hue- From their Spring 2013 collection, a pretty pinkish purple shade that can work in any season, Essie describes it as, "Chic upper east side pink nail polish steps out in style, perfectly punctuating any ensemble with quiet luxe".
Ballet SlippersAgain one of Essie's 'Most Shared' polishes on Twitter, it is arguably one of the most popular nail polish shades ever, I've even read that this is the only polish that the Queen of England will wear.  Not surprisingly this too is Rose & Reese's Top 10 Essie Nail Polishes, & Essie says, "An eternal manicurist and fashion stylist favorite, Essie's classic pale pink polish is graced with a subtle, sheer finish.  This beloved award-winning essential is an iconic color for all seasons".

Which polish color is your favorite?
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  1. I love reds. I generally stick to pedicures though. I hate having strangers touch my hands for extended periods of time so manicures are out.

  2. I'm definitely a blues/greens girl, but K is more of a pink girl! We're both trying to open up to reds, especially since it's Fall & all!

    xo, B

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