Wednesday, August 31, 2016

All About Rocksbox

Recently I've been getting a lot of questions about what exactly Rocksbox is and how it works so today I'm breaking it all down for you and hopefully answering your questions.  I also haven't shared a Rocksbox with all of you in quite some time and since this month I recieved my favorite one to date I thought it would be fun to show you what I got.  Keep reading to learn more and to even get some free goodies!

What is Rocksbox?
Rocksbox is a jewelry rental service that "gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry."  That rotating closet includes favorites like Kendra Scott, Sophie Harper, Loren Hope, Moon & Lola, and more. 

How can I rent from their amazing designer closet?
Rocksbox works on a membership system and costs $19 a month.  Signing up for a membership gives you access to their closet!

What do I get for $19 a month?
Each Rocksbox set contains three pieces of jewelry.  You can send your box back and get a new set as many times as you would like during the month.  This is my favorite part because if I really love a box and want to wear the jewelry a lot I just keep that one set all month; however, if I get bored with the box I have I can send it back after a week and get another and then send it back the next week or as often as I would like during the month.

Do I have the option to purchase the pieces in the box?
Yes!  The best part is you actually get a discount off the retail price of each item and you get $10 in credit to spend each month.

How do they know what to put in my Rocksbox?
When you sign up for Rocksbox you have to fill out the Rocksbox Style Survey.  The survey is very comprehensive asking you questions like what occasions you'd like to be styled for, what metal tones you like, favorite jewelry styles, and more.  There is even a section in the survey where you can add any additional information about your preferences and style.  Next, you create a Wish List by selecting all your favorite pieces so the company can get to know your style even better.  Finally once you start receiving your Rocksbox you have to give feedback on all of the pieces you receive in each set so that your stylist can learn more about what you like and want in future sets.

How do I sign up?
Head to, put in your email address, and hit 'JOIN NOW,' you will then be prompted to fill out your Rocksbox Style Survey and give them your personal information so they can send you the box.

What are the free goodies that you promised?
With my special code you can get one month of Rocksbox for FREE!  This is a great way to try out the service and see what it's all about.  When you sign up for Rocksbox enter the code THEBLUSHBLONDEXOXO at checkout to get your free month.


Rose gold is my favorite metal tone and this month I asked for all rose gold pieces in my set.  Additionally I requested a specific pair of earrings from my Wish List and my stylist was able to get a pair to include in my set.  Like I said above this month has definitely been my favorite set yet!

Kendra Scott Kimmy Necklace
Regular Price $90  |  Insiders' Price: $72

Kendra Scott Tessa Stud Earrings
Regular Price $65  |  Insiders' Price $52

Kendra Scott Warren Ring Set
Regular Price $75  |  Insiders' Price $60

Use the code THEBLUSHBLONDEXOXO at checkout to get one month of Rocksbox FREE!
All of the pieces I recieved this month were absolutely gorgeous.  I love the Kendra Scott Tessa Stud Earrings and Warren Ring Set so much that I am going to be purchasing both of them.  I've been trying to add more rose gold to my jewelry wardrobe and these pieces will be perfect and versatile additions.  I also cannot wait to wear the beautiful and very unique Kendra Scott Kimmy Necklace a few times before sending it back!

*I recieved three months of Rocksbox as a part of a partnership.  All words and opinions are my own.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Five Fall Trends You Can Wear Now

I don't know about you, but with the high temperatures we're experiencing I don't really feel like dressing for fall; with that said though it's hard to miss out on all of the great fall fashions hitting the stores right now.  For the next few weeks we'll still be experiencing summer weather and then that awkward transitioning period where it feels like both fall and summer depending on the day.  While you might not be able to rock all of fall's hottest trends right now (hello fun fur coats) there are some trends that you can adapt for the current weather!  Below I'm breaking down my five favorite fall trends that you can start wearing tomorrow (or even now if you already have them in your closet!).

Romance is in the air for fall with lots of blush pink, lace, floral, and dreamy looks hitting the runways.  This trend is super easy to wear now if you just incorporate anything lacy, floral, or blush pink into your look.  I am loving this dress for right now - it's a gorgeous pink color, a lightweight fabric, and a great silhouette, it can also easily transition into the cooler months with the addition of a sweater. 

In my opinion leopard is a neutral so I was very excited to see it popping up on numerous runways for F/W 2016.  There are countless ways to add a hint of leopard to your look and for this time of year I think the best way to do that is with accessories.  A lightweight scarf is a must have for transitional weather (you can take it off if you're warm and wrap yourself up in it if you're cold) and is the perfect way to put some leopard into your wardrobe.  I have a scarf like this one that I wear all the time and get countless compliments on!

Chokers are huge right now and bring back some serious 90s nostalgia.  I'm loving this chic take on an old trend and am glad it's here to stay for fall and winter.  While I love velvet chokers for the cooler temperatures try a metal one, like this, for this this time of year!

Shades of Tan
Different shades of tan were all over the runways for fall and I for one could not be more excited.  Tan is a gorgeous, versatile color and gives a classic touch to any look.  Right now a tan skirt, like this, is a great addition to your wardrobe, and it will also transition well into the colder months by simply adding tights and boots!

Ladylike jumpers were seen on countless runways for F/W 2016 and this is another trend I'm really excited about.  When I was in high school jumpers were really big and I had a ton of them, in the past few years I haven't worn them much, but cannot wait to break them out again!  While I'm dying to rock my plaid jumper, for right now I love denim jumpers and have my eye on this one.

What fall trend are you looking forward to wearing now?


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Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

I spotted this chair on McKenna Bleu's Instagram last week and then she posted about it again on her blog yesterday.  This chair is from designers and stylists, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott's home decor collection with PB Teen.  All the pieces from their line are gorgeous, but this piece is my favorite.  If I didn't already have a desk chair that I loved I would definitely be purchasing this because it would go perfectly with my new room!

Favorite Summer Show Bachelor in Paradise
I had to check out Bachelor in Paradise after watching Jojo's season of The Bachelorette.  I wasn't sure about it when I started watching, but now I'm totally addicted.  It's the perfect summer watch and is super entertaining.  If you haven't been watching I recommend checking it out!

Favorite Manicure Essie Minimalistic
I am loving this beautiful pink color for a manicure.  Essie polishes are my favorite so I wasn't surprised when I found another color of theirs that I love!  I think that this would be a great color for an end of summer manicure and next time I get my nails done I will be looking for it at the salon!

Favorite Sweet Treat Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream
Dairy has been really bothering my stomach so I have (unsuccessfully) been trying to cut it out of my diet.  My big problem with cutting out dairy is ice cream, which is funny because I was never a huge ice cream person, but lately when I get a migraine it is all I want.  That is where this dairy free (and vegan!) raspberry coconut ice cream comes in - it is made with coconut milk and looks absolutely delicious.  It also only has a few ingredients (something I love!) and seems easy to make!

Favorite Transitional Look b(air) by Little Blonde Book
This look is perfect for transitioning from summer into fall.  The dark palette mixed with summer silhouettes is what makes it a great transitional outfit.  I really love the black jeans, denim shirt, and tan accessories, and the way they all come together.

What are your favorites this week?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What to Wear: Back to School

Sandals  |  Flats  |  Tote

I know that so many schools and colleges have either started school or are starting soon so I wanted to share some back to school wardrobe staples.  It's still pretty hot where I am, but before we know it we're going to be experiencing that awkward in between summer and fall weather that can make getting dressed difficult.  Thankfully the pieces I have here can be worn from now through that awkward faze and beyond!  A pair of black jeans are a fashion staple and can definitely be worn all year round, I love this pair and really want to buy them for myself.  This tee and this tee are both perfect to wear this time of year and will easily carry into the chillier weather if you add a simple cardigan or light jacket.  A staple in my closet is definitely a denim shirt which can be worn alone or layered over something and looks great with jeans or leggings.  For accessories I like to keep it simple with studs and a dainty necklace and I always have to have a pair of cute sunnies, like these, on hand to shield my eyes from the sun.  I also loved having a large carryall tote for all of my school supplies when I was in college and while this bag is an investment it's definitely worth it!  Flats and sandals are always my go to shoes this time of year; a basic pair of flats like this are an absolute must have and this pair of sandals will add a little bit of flair to any look.

Adding any of these pieces to your wardrobe is sure to freshen up your looks and help you head back to school in style!  What pieces are you loving for this time of year?


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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday Ten: Drugstore Favorites Part II

This is the second part of my post from last Tuesday.  I love a good and cheap beauty find and the drugstore is the perfect place to go for that.  Like I said last week this was just supposed to be one post, but I have too many drugstore beauty loves that I wanted to share so I had to break it into two!  This week I'm sharing ten more favorites that you are sure to love too.

I have a little bit of a sweating problem and this is literally the only deodorant that works for me.  I've been using it for years and really love the results.  I've also tried the clear gel and invisible solid versions, but found that the clear gel didn't work as well and I had a really bad allergic reaction to the invisible solid version so I stick with the smooth solid.

I started using this this winter and honestly do not know how I didn't try it earlier!  It is a do all ointment that can be used on any part of your body that gets dry.  The area around my nose gets crazy dry in the winter from constantly blowing my nose and this is the only thing that has helped it to completely heal!

This lip liner is great because it is universal and can be used with any color lipstick.  I've found that it really helps to keep lipstick in place and prevent it from bleeding.  It's also super moisturizing, which is especially helpful in the winter.  Since I've started using this I never put on lipstick without it!

14. Bio-Oil
This is great for moisturizing and fading scars.  I started using this a few years ago when I had surgery to help with the scars left behind and actually landed up using it to moisturize the area where I had the surgery because all the taping just destroyed my skin.  This landed up saving my skin and really helped it to heal.  I now put it on surgery scars and anywhere that needs a little extra moisture - including my face (it doesn't clog my pores!).

This is good for healing burns and sunburns, and moisturizing the skin.  I prefer this brand because it is 100% aloe and doesn't contain other ingredients, which can be hard to find.  I use this to moisturize my back and chest because it is the only thing that doesn't clog my pores.  Additionally aloe helps to heal acne and my chest is prone to breakouts so I often use it to help with that too.

I hate the way traditional baby powder smells so I always go with this Lavender/Chamomile option because it smells much better!  I use baby powder as a dry shampoo (I alternate it with Batiste Dry Shampoo) because it does a really, really great job at soaking up oil.  Baby powder is also good to have on hand for really hot and sweaty days to help keep you dry!

I've talked about this on here quite a few times before because it is so wonderful.  I love a lot of Aveeno's products, but this is definitely my favorite.  It does a great job of moisturizing skin, has SPF 30 sun protection, and smells amazing.

This lipstick has a cult following and there is no wonder why - it's a gorgeous color that is flattering on a variety of different skin tones.  It's also super inexpensive, which is always a big bonus.  It's the perfect dark winter lipstick, but I also love wearing it in the summer for an unexpected beauty look.

I've only ever used Venus razors since they are truly the best.  The original Venus was my first razor and while I've tried a few of their other razors it still remains my favorite.  It gives you a really close shave and is super easy to use.  Additionally, I think that it helps to prevent nicks and razor burn.

Witch Hazel is another product that I've mentioned on here quite a few times before.  It's great for a variety of different things and is something I think that everyone needs in their beauty arsenal.  My favorite way to use it is as an astringent, especially along my hairline to prevent breakouts.

What are some of your drugstore must haves?

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Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Get the Most Out of Your Sephora Shopping Trip

Sephora is hands down my favorite place to shop for beauty products.  Since I am a major beauty lover I land up shopping at Sephora a lot (probably more often than I should!) and have found some ways to get the most out of a Sephora shopping trip.  Below I have a list of shopping hacks, which you need to keep handy for the next time you hit up the beauty emporium!

Signing up for Sephora's awesome rewards program is a must even if you only shop there once or twice a year.  There are a ton of perks to being a Beauty Insider and the more money you spend the more perks you get.  

The most basic Beauty Insider gets a free birthday gift (which is always amazing!), access to free beauty classes, and the option to purchase an inexpensive shipping program.  While anyone who signs up becomes a Beauty Insider there are two other levels of the program that depend on your spending; if you spend $350 in one calendar year you become a VIB, and if you spend $1000 in a calendar year you become a VIB Rouge.  Each level comes with their own additional perks that get better the more money you spend.

The best part of the entire program though is their points system; for every dollar you spend you get one point, which you can then redeem for different products.  For 100 points you get a deluxe size sample, 250 points gets you a mini fragrance, and 500 points you get a reward kit filled with deluxe size samples.  I've found a ton of products this way and the 500 point rewards are seriously the most fun thing to get!

The Sephora App is a great way to keep track of your Beauty Insider account to see what points and perks are available to you.  Moreover, the app keeps your Beauty Insider card so that you can just show that at the register for the cast member who's ringing you up to scan and make checking out faster.  Lastly, the app always has special "mobile offers" that aren't always advertised on the regular website, but are too good to miss.

Every time you go to Sephora you can get three free samples of anything in the store you would like - no purchase necessary.  Additionally, you get to choose three free samples every time you shop online, as well.  Whenever I'm by a Sephora store I try to stop in and get samples of products I've had my eye on, this is a great way to try something without committing or even try a product that's a little out of your price range.  When you're in store just ask a Sephora cast member for a sample of anything and they will make you up one and give you a little receipt so you remember exactly what the product is.  Unfortunately online you have to make a purchase and choose from a list of the daily samples so you don't have as much freedom to try different things, but there's always something great on the list and this is a good way to try a product you might not know about.

Sephora always has a list of promotional codes to use to get things from deluxe samples to a gift with purchase to a magazine subscription.  Each time you shop online you can use a code and there is typically a few different ones to choose from.  This is also where the Sephora app Mobile Rewards comes in handy, on the app click on the right hand sidebar then under the 'SHOP' section click on 'Mobile Offers' and choose your code from there (you can even enter a Mobile Offer code when you're shopping on your computer!).  If you're shopping on your computer checkout the 'BEAUTY DEALS' page, or fill up your basket, click checkout, then on the left side under the order total go to the 'ADD PROMO CODE' and under that click 'view promo codes,' get your code and enter it in the promo code box.  You can find great codes both on the app and desktop website, and my recommendation is to check both before picking which code to use!

This sounds like an odd tip, but just stick with me and you'll see how this will work out great for you!  Shipping is always free online at Sephora when you spend $50 or more and for each order you get your three free samples and can use a promotional code.  If I am spending $100 I break my single order into two orders so that I can get two sets of three samples and use two different promotional codes.  On my last online order I was spending $200 (I was purchasing stuff for a giveaway and ordered stuff for my Mom too!) and broke it up into four different orders (and got free shipping on all of them!) so that I got a total of twelve samples and got to use four different promotional codes!  In my opinion if you're purchasing enough to get free shipping on multiple orders then you absolutely have to breakup your order so that you can get as many samples and use as many promo codes as possible.

Whenever I'm in Sephora I'm like a kid in a candy store and to be honest if I don't have some idea of what I'm doing it can be overwhelming because of the incredibly large selection.  Something that always helps me is to have an idea of what I need or want, what questions I have, or what brands I like.  I've found that by having a little bit of a plan when I walk in the door makes it a much more fun and relaxing trip and I don't get as overwhelmed.  I also feel like when I have an idea of what I'm doing I spend less money and am not swayed by cast members to buy something that I might not need because I'm much less impulsive with my purchases.

If you need help, an opinion, or are just unsure of something ask a cast member for help.  The people who work at Sephora are there for a reason - they're good with beauty and are there to make sure your shopping experience is the best it can be.  At Sephora the different sections (skincare, makeup, hair, etc.) are called "worlds" and cast members are each assigned to a different "world" based on their expertise.  Because people are experts in their "worlds" it's best to ask a cast member standing in skincare a question about a skincare line and then a different cast member standing in hair about that new dry shampoo you've been eyeing to get help from the people most knowledgeable on the topic.

A few years back I was really struggling with under eye concealer.  I have dark circles under my eyes because of my skin coloring and was applying way, way too much concealer and powder to cover them, but was in turn making them worse.  One day I went into Sephora headed straight for the makeup world and asked a cast member for help with my makeup issue.  She sat me down, grabbed some products, and showed me what products I needed and how to apply them.  It was an incredibly helpful session and I still use those products and her application technique to this day because it works so well.

Like I said in my previous tip though it's a good idea though to have an idea of what questions you have before walking into Sephora to help keep you on track.  Additionally knowing what you have questions about can help you to avoid being talked into purchasing something that you don't want or need.  It's important to keep in mind that while the cast members at Sephora are super helpful and knowledgeable they do want to try to sell you as many products as possible because sales is a big part of their job.  However, if you know what you want you can just get your questions answered and (hopefully) avoid a sales pitch.

At Sephora there are many different options to makeover your look in store.  If you have 15 minutes you can have a mini service with a beauty or skincare advisor; mini makeovers include a smokey eye, contouring, perfect lips, and more, and mini facials include mask & moisturize or peel & protect.  If you purchase $50 worth of products and have 45 minutes then you can get a complimentary custom full face makeover (this is free if you are a VIB Rouge member!).  Lastly, if you spend $125 and have 90 minutes you can get a customized skin care, fragrance, and beauty makeover (this is also free if you are a VIB Rouge member!).  In addition to these you can take free beauty classes if you are a Beauty Insider and from time to time Sephora has different brand or styling stations for special events.  You can find a list of beauty services here, classes here, and in store events here.

A few times a year Sephora hosts sales for Beauty Insiders and it's important to check your inbox for those because you don't want to miss out on them.  These sales typically take place in April and November and different discounts are offered to different levels of Beauty Insiders.  Regularly in store Sephora doesn't put up a lot of signage for their sales so you have to do some looking around to find them, sales are typically found at the perimeter of the store or at the end of aisles and the sale bins usually look similar to the bins that hold the travel size items.  Last but not least, simply click the 'SALE' tab at the top of Sephora's website to find items they have online that are on sale at the moment!

As cute as those travel size products are they are typically way more expensive than a larger size of a product.  While you're in store if you find something in the travel bin section while on line consider going to look for the full size product to see the price difference.  While you'll spend more money on a larger size product initially it'll really save you money in the long run.  The best way to see this it to take the price and divide it by how many ounces the product is to see the cost per ounce, for example the 0.5 ounce size of GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment is $22, which makes it $44 an ounce, while the 1.7 ounce size is $69, which makes it $40.59 an ounce.

Looking for a new perfume?  Buying a SEPHORA FAVORITES Perfume Sampler is economically the best way to go.  For $65 you get thirteen samples of Sephora's most popular perfumes and a scent certificate that you can redeem for a full-size bottle of your favorite featured fragrance at no extra cost.  A lot of times the cost of the kit is less than the cost of a full size perfume so you not only save money, but also get a bunch of perfume samples too!  They have samplers for both men's and women's fragrances and while this is great to buy for yourself it also make a great gift since the perfume is such a personal item and the person gets to pick out their own.

Value sets are typically a great - for lack of a better word, value.  They are often filled with products that are worth way more than the price you pay for the kit, for example this SEPHORA FAVORITES Chic it Easy Value Set costs $49, but has $143 worth of great products.  They're also a great way to try different products that you might not have otherwise purchased.  To see all the value sets Sephora offers check this out.

Sephora has a seriously amazing return policy for a beauty store.  If for any reason you don't like your purchase you can make a return, even if the product is opened and used.  While it is always best to have your receipt with you if you do not and you are a Beauty Insider then your purchase can easily be brought up on the register.  If you make the return within sixty days of your purchase you can get a full refund and if you make your return between sixty one and ninety days after your purchase you can get a store credit.  Also if you're looking to return an online order it is completely free to return in store or to use the prepaid shipping label that you can get on Sephora's website.  For more information on Sephora's return policy read this.

If I come up with any Sephora shopping hacks I will definitely add to this!  Do you have any tricks for shopping at Sephora that I might have missed?

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