Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Instagram Lately

Other than sharing my 15 Favorite Instagram Pictures way back in October, I've never done an Instagram post.  I always love reading when everyone shares their Instagram latelys so I thought it would be fun to do one of my own.  I'm honestly shocked that this is my first one because Instagram is by far my favorite social media out there.  I am a very visual person and I just love seeing all the amazing images that people post.  Here are a few of my latest posts.  {Make sure to scroll to the bottom for the link-up!)

I thought I would start going all the way back to a month ago because this was the first time I wore my watch, which I am absolutely obsessed with!  The best part was that I was so excited to wear it that when I got to class I realized that I forgot to set it.  The even better part about that is when I linked this post to Twitter, Nordstrom tweeted at me that they hoped I got to class on time, which made my day!

I've been taking quite a few trips home on weekends this semester, and this was from a day that my Dad and I took a drive past the ocean.  Something about driving past the water is so soothing to me and I thought that this shot was so scenic.  It was way to rainy outside for me to get out of the car, but I still liked how the picture came out.

This was the most delicious salad that I had when my Dad took me to lunch one day.  It's the Crispy Calamari Salad and is my absolute favorite thing to order at the Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar in Philadelphia.  If you're in the area I recommend checking this place out!

I was having a rough day with a bunch of different things and my amazing sister put together this little basket of sweet treats and travel essentials to cheer me up.  She stopped by my apartment to give it to me, which was so sweet of her!  

When I go home on weekends this is what I open my shower curtain to and I absolutely love it.  She stands guard there while I shower and doesn't even move when I step out!

This is my most recent Throwback Thursday.  Since I live a mile from the ocean my sister and I grew up at the beach.  When we were little we would always make friends with aka annoy the crap out of the lifeguards, and they would let us do fun things like sit on the stand like this.

This is my good friend Colleen and me at our sorority's Senior Brunch.  I love this picture of the two of us and wish that we could get some of that gorgeous weather back!  We really lucked out with that day.

I took this picture of Coco when I was home for Easter break. Literally from the minute I got in the door all she wanted to do was play, play, play! Here she's batting around her windup mouse that is actually a cat toy.

These are the chalkboard Easter eggs that I painted and drew on, on Easter. I had a lot of fun making these and was happy with how they came out!

Last is one of my most recents and a picture from this past weekend. This was taken on the Princeton University campus; my Mom and I seriously could not have asked for a more gorgeous day for our trip!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

R&R in Princeton

On Friday I mentioned that I was taking some time off this past weekend to have a fun trip with my Mom.  Like I said, I'm really feeling the end of the year stress and was in desperate need of a little R&R.  Thankfully this trip was exactly what the doctor ordered.  We took an overnight trip to Princeton, NJ and had the most amazing time.  My Mom came to get me from school early Saturday morning, and we arrived in Princeton at about 11:00.  When we got there we dropped off our bags at the hotel, the Princeton Marriott at Forrestal (which I will being doing a post about soon!), and checked it all out.

After we did that we headed into Downtown Princeton.  Our game plan was to walk around, check out the shopping, and grab some lunch.  There are so many restaurants around, but we had to do a bit of walking to find somewhere that I can eat (it gets tricky to find places sometimes with all of my food allergies).  We landed on Teresa Caffe, and I am so happy that we did.  The food was absolutely delicious.  I had gluten free pasta, and my Mom had a salad; we both finished our entire meals and were so full!  If you are in Princeton you have to go here!

We then walked around and did some shopping.  We hit up Kate Spade, Bluemercury, J.Crew, a bunch of little boutiques, and more.  There are so many different stores in the area and we had a blast checking them all out.  The town of Princeton is so gorgeous and I love how it is all set up.

After we walked around town we decided we would walk around Princeton University campus a bit before we went back to the hotel.  I've always wanted to see what the school looked like and this was the perfect opportunity!  It's such a beautiful school and it was nice to get to look around.

After walking around there we headed back to the hotel to rest a little before dinner.  We were absolutely exhausted from all of our exploring!  For dinner we went to Ruth's Chris, which was super close to the hotel.  I ordered the crab cakes and garlic mashed potatoes, and my Mom got a petite filet mignon with shrimp and scallops and asparagus.  We then split everything, which was super fun!  While everything was good, I have to say that I've been to one of their Baltimore restaurants several times and I definitely prefer that location to this one.  (We  just had a few minor issues like with how the steak was cooked: we ordered it medium, and it came out way overcooked, then we mentioned it to the waitress and the new steak they brought out was practically raw, which was disappointing.)  So while I love Ruth's Chris and will still be going to their restaurants, next time we're in Princeton I would like to try one of the restaurants in town instead of going back here.

After dinner we were so tired from the day that we went straight back to the hotel.  We watched a little TV and went to bed super early which was so nice.  I really needed the sleep!

The next day we had a leisurely morning with breakfast in bed and some lounging around.  After we checked out we stopped at a local salon and got very relaxing pedicures before heading back to school.  I have to say that this trip was just amazing.  I felt so relaxed the whole time and was really able to let go of all the stress I was holding.  I had so much fun hanging out with my Mom and just had the best time.  I love that I am so lucky to have such an awesome Mom that I can spend time with like this!  If you live in the Northeast and are looking for a short getaway I would highly recommend going to Princeton!

How was your weekend?

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sailboat Weather

Top: c/o WallFlower Jeans  |  Jeans: Mavi  |  Shoes: Lucky Brand  |  Earrings: Nordstrom  |  Bracelets: Pandora  |  Rings: Pandora and Pandora

I find this time of year really hard to dress for—it's hot, it's cold, and who knows what else.  The weather is all over the place and makes getting ready in the morning a little more difficult.  Lately I'm living in skinny jeans, ballet flats, and versatile tops, like this look here.  I always grab a sweater or jacket in case I get cold, but lately I always get warm in class!  The lovely people over at Wall Flower Jeans sent me over this adorable top and it has been great to wear around.   It is a super lightweight knit that has been perfect for keeping me at the right temperature, which is much appreciated.  Not to mention, I love the nautical print of the sailboats.  The sailboats are black, and it is a quite versatile piece; I can think of a million different things that I will be pairing it with for the rest of Spring and throughout the Summer.  Speaking of Summer this will definitely be making its way into my bag for Greece!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

I Confess...

|  One  |
I confess that I can't wait to be back to a dishwasher in a few weeks.  I know it's lame, but I'm over hand washing dishes.

|  Two  |
I confess that I love reading all the stories that Cosmo puts on their Facebook page and think most of them are hysterical.  This one about shocking wedding dresses came up while I was writing this and it's great.

|  Three  |
I confess that I'm sick of people asking how much things cost, especially things like tuition and trips.  I've encountered this a few times in the past few months, and just in the past few weeks have had a few people (like people that I am not close with aka people that have no business asking) ask me how much my Greece trip costs.  Every time someone asks I am so taken back my it and just plain weirded out, I don't understand why people think that's an ok thing to ask.

|  Four  |
I confess that this weekend I am going to take 24-hours off from school this weekend and have a fun day with my Mom.  I have been so stressed about school and I really need this to recoup a little and reboot to get through the next two weeks.  I'm also really excited to spend some quality time with my Mom.

| Five | 
I confess that the fact that it's staying light out longer makes me a very happy camper.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Ten Favorite Foods

Today's challenge is to tell you my ten favorite foods!  I don't think it's a secret that I love food, so let's just say that narrowing it down to just ten was a little difficult.  After some serious thinking, I was very hungry I narrowed it down to the ten foods that I love the most.

1. Pizza
I'm pretty sure I could consist solely on pizza, and it has literally been one of my favorite foods for my whole life.  My favorite is plain cheese pizza, but sometimes I like to change it up with a Margarita pie or add some sausage as a topping.

2. Pasta
I will eat pasta with just about anything on it and love it.  It is my go to meal and my favorite thing to order at Italian restaurants.

3. Cookies
While I'm big on most sweets, cookies are my favorite of them all.  I couldn't pick just one cookie that I love the most so I just went with cookies in general.

4. Lobster
This is an unfortunate expensive love of mine, but it is so worth it.  Give me lobster with a ton of butter and you have a very happy girl.  The best part is that since where I live is on the water, in the summer the local fish market has $5 lobster tails, which is literally heaven.

5. Red Velvet Cake
My favorite of all the cakes.  I only discovered red velvet a few years back, but I was hooked from the start.  My one stipulation is that the cake must have cream cheese frosting or otherwise I'm not a fan (I do not like vanilla frosting at all!).

6. Eggplant Parmesan 
This is something that I ask for my parents to make me on my birthday because I love it so much.  While I like getting it at restaurants I love it even more from home, especially because I can sneak some pieces of fried eggplant before everything gets assembled!

7. Crab Cakes
Crab Cakes are definitely my go to order at restaurants, I've had them pretty much everywhere I go and always love them.

8. Waffles
Waffles are my favorite thing for breakfast especially when they are done up like this from Max Brenner's.  I even love them though if they're not smothered in whipped cream and ice cream because waffles are that good!

9. Peanut Butter
I seriously think peanut butter is the best thing in the world.  It is just so good and makes so many foods taste even better.

10. California Roll / Spicy Tuna Roll
I used to hate sushi when I was a kid, but I could eat it everyday now.  I'm not really adventurous with it, but I love these two rolls.  They're always really tasty and I crave them all the time.

So if I have to pick these are my ten absolute favorite foods, I'm really glad I got to do ten and not just one or two because that would've been impossible.  Sorry if I made you super hungry reading this because I know I made myself super hungry writing it!  What are some of your favorite foods?

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