Thursday, December 3, 2020

Four Ways to Give the Gift of NJ Lottery for the Holidays

My father is a HUGE fan of the New Jersey Lottery and loves gifting tickets during the holiday season, especially the NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs.  Every year (since I’ve turned eighteen) I’ve always had lottery tickets to look forward to as a stocking stuffer from him.  I love to think of all the ways I would use the money if I ever hit it big with one of the tickets.  The practical way I’d use it would be to put it towards student loans and an upcoming trip I have, but the more frivolous way I’d spend it would be to purchase a bag during said trip.  This year though I’m excited to turn the tables and be the one gifting New Jersey Lottery Scratch-Offs to my friends and family, over the age of eighteen, as they offer the wonder of a wrapped gift, the entertainment of a game, and the potential for a large cash payout!

An added bonus when gifting NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs is how stress-free they are to give.  They are available to purchase at any brick and mortar lottery retailer, such as Wawa and QuickChek, so they’re easy to grab when you drop in for a cup of coffee or lunch.  This year the New Jersey Lottery has released four holiday themed Scratch-Offs with the purpose of gifting in mind.  These holiday tickets are a great gift because you can do something as simple as use them for stocking stuffers, which is always a hit in my experience, or you can get imaginative and create your own DIY project to make gifting the tickets more fun too.  Below I’m sharing with you a few different ways to give the gift of NJ Lottery this holiday season.

1. Decorate with NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs

This is perfect for people (over eighteen) to grab a lottery ticket off the tree while celebrating or to give the full tree as a gift.  For this idea in addition to the Scratch-Offs you’ll need a small pre-decorated Christmas tree and clothespins (I used sparkly ones).  To assemble this you simply attach the Scratch-Offs to the tree using the clothespins, which took me about five minutes to complete.  I then fanned out some of a different Holiday Scratch-Off around the bottom of the tree to add a little variety.  In the spirit of practicing social distancing this could also be placed on your front porch and friends and family can grab a ticket as they drop something off.

2. Attach Scratch-Off to a Gift

If you’re looking to add a little something to a gift you already have then this is the perfect idea for you!  With this easy idea all you have to do is attach an NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Off to the outside of a wrapped gift.  For gifts wrapped in bags you can just clip a Scratch-Off to the outside of the bag (I used another sparkly clothespin) and for gifts wrapped with paper you can slip a Scratch-Off under the gift’s ribbon to keep it in place.  This easy addition to any present adds something fun to make the gift extra special!

3. Add Something Special to Your Holiday Place Settings

This is a wonderful way to add a little pop to your holiday tablescape and my personal favorite way to give Scratch-Offs this season.  To create this I simply set my holiday table as I would without placing the napkins.  I then did a quick search on how to fold napkins (I used paper because that’s what I had, but you can use cloth as well), watched a short YouTube video, and decided which folding technique I liked best.  After folding the napkins instead of placing silverware inside of the pocket I placed two NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs and tucked the napkin between the plates.  This idea makes for a wonderful, yet unexpected surprise for those at the table to enjoy.

4. The Classic Stocking Stuffer

Did you know that even if the NJ Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs you gift are not winners there is something the recipient can do with the tickets?  The Million Dollar Replay allows VIP Club members to enter eligible, non-winning Scratch-Offs into quarterly second chance drawings for a chance to be selected as one of four hundred quarter finalists who win a $250 prize and entry into the yearly Grand Prize Drawing for a chance to win one of fifteen prizes ranging from $10,000 up to $1,000,000.  You can find more information on how to become a VIP Club member and how to participate in the Million Dollar Replay here

There are so many wonderful reasons to give the gift of NJ Lottery this holiday season that they are a must add to your holiday shopping list.  Have you ever given Holiday Scratch-Offs for a gift?  If you have and you have a unique way you gift them that’s not mentioned here let me know in the comments!

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