Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Pup Prep for Spring Box

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Lucy and I are getting ready for spring with the Pup Prep for Spring Box that BabbleBoxx sent over for us.  As a huge dog lover I was so excited to get to tryout all the amazing goodies in the box to share with all of you and I’m breaking everything down below!


Natural Care

Natural Care+ Odor Neutralizing Activated Charcoal Shampoo for Dogs

Since Lucy is a hypoallergenic breed dog she has hair, instead of fur, that needs to be washed relatively frequently.  Over the years we’ve tried numerous different pet shampoos and I am super impressed with this one from Natural Care.  The first thing everyone in my family noticed was how great it smells and how good she continued to smell after using it.  This is thanks to the ingredients in the shampoo like activated charcoal and the patented odor eliminating technology that absorbs and removes impurities in a dog’s skin and coat while neutralizing odors (like skunk odor, urine, feces, sweat, wet dog, and more).  The other highlight for this is how moisturizing it was for Lucy’s hair and skin—I usually use a pet conditioner when washing her but didn’t need to with this and her hair has been noticeably soft.


Natural Care+ Aches-PLUS Tasty Chewables 

These treat-like chews are great for senior, large breed, and highly active dogs.  They feature a blend of pineapple bromelain, white willow bark, and yucca root to naturally soothe any aches and pains dogs have. While Lucy is lucky to not really suffer with any ailments at this point I’m glad to know about this aspirin and synthetic pain reliever free alternative as she ages.


Natural Care+ Flea & Tick Wipes for Dogs 

These wipes are the perfect anytime flea and tick treatments for dog who love spending time outdoors but hate baths.  Since they’re in wipe form, they are super easy to use—they’re great for anytime you bring in your dog from outside and are convenient to bring with you on any adventures you take with your pup. Like the chews I talked about above they are another natural alternative since they use plant-based ingredients like peppermint oil and eugenol (which comes from clove plants) to kill fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and mosquitoes on contact.


Natural Care+ Flea & Tick Leave-In Foam

This leave foam in is an alternative to the wipes above as it’s a great way to treat for fleas and ticks without having to bathe your dog.  It too kills fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and mosquitoes on contact with the same plant-based ingredients in an easy to use foam formula.


Multipet International Inc.

Ice Cream Truck and Pacifier Pals Toys

Lucy is one of those dogs that loves dog toys so she was super excited to get these.  The ice cream truck is a latex toy that features a high-pitched squeaker to stimulate play and the Pacifier Pal is perfect for her as it combines a latex and plush toy in one that squeaks too (her favorite feature on any toy!).  They are great for keeping Lucy engaged during playtime and help to get her moving. These toys can be purchased at local retailers, and you can find more information about them here.

Pioneer Pet

Elevated Vortex Fountain

I have never used a water fountain for pets before and have been quite impressed with this.  Even Lucy who can be a bit skittish with new things was comfortable using this right away.  I think it’s important to give your dog clean, filtered water and this makes doing that almost effortless.  It uses a filter to purify the water, adds oxygen into the water, and creates a vortex in the center to pull down any debris that might be in the bowl.


Unscented Pick-Up Bags

I like having dedicated waste bags for Lucy like these that are easy to grab before a walk or a trip in the car so I always have something in case she needs to go to the bathroom.  These are great because they feature a drawstring to close each bag, are leakproof, and come in a pack of 80 bags.  In my opinion these are a must have for dog owners!


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eufy Pet

Dog Camera

I have been wanting to get a dog camera for a while and have been loving this one!  It has been so awesome to be able to check on Lucy when I’m not with her to make sure she’s doing ok and this has some fun features too (which don’t require a subscription to use like other pet cameras I’ve seen).  It took me less than ten minutes to setup the camera and app for it and since it both rotates 270° and has AI Tracking and Smart Alert it was easy to pick a spot to place it.  My favorite part of the dog camera though is being able to toss treats to Lucy from it when I’m not home and I would say that’s definitely her favorite part too!  After using this I don’t know how I went without one and I’m glad I won’t have to in the future.



As you can see with all these amazing items Lucy and I are all ready for spring!  If you have any product questions let me know in the comments below.


How are you getting ready for the warmer seasons with your pets?