Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

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Who doesn't love sweet stocking stuffers?  Here I have for you my top ten favorite stocking stuffers for 2017.  These are great for your mom, sister, best friend, or anyone else who's stocking you want to drop a little something into this holiday season.  Everything here is priced under $35 except for this luxe pair of slipper socks, which I'm swooning over.  And this, this, this, and this are actually under $20, making them the perfect addition to any gift!  While I'm loving everything on the list my favorites are definitely this and this.  No matter what you pick though the recipient is sure to be thrilled after opening their stocking!



Monday, December 11, 2017

$1000 Target Gift Card Giveaway

I had a post planned for today, but writing my Christmas/Holiday cards took up a lot more time and energy than I initially thought they would!  They're all done now, which feels great and I will have a post up tomorrow for all of you.  Today though I needed to drop in anyway though because I'm teaming up with some amazing bloggers and #Girlbosses to bring you an awesome holiday giveaway! One lucky follower will be able to win a $1000 Target gift card and have some holiday cash to spend! If you'd like to enter, just use the Rafflecopter widget below (and you'll get 10 bonus entries for completing all the tasks!).  Good luck!

What will you buy with your gift card if you win? Comment below?


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

NYC Girls Weekend Guide

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in New York City for a quick girls trip.  My sweet friend Kelsie came in for the weekend from Ohio and I took the easy train ride into the city to meet her.  We had such a great weekend and it was definitely much needed!  Below I am talking all about what we did and breaking down my guide to my NYC Girls Weekend.

Airbnb || Ok so I am totally behind the ball on this one, but it was my first time staying in an Airbnb and I loved it and this says a lot because I am a huge fan of hotels.  I loved how cozy it was and how "New York" it felt to stay in an apartment.  I also loved how it forced me to check out a different part of the city then I usually do.  Next time I'm spending the night in NYC I will definitely be doing this instead of a hotel!

Lexington Brass || This is where we ate dinner the first night before catching a show.  I was craving a steak (which I don't usually eat) and had the most amazing herb crusted filet mignon and truffle fries here.  The setting is intimate at the tables and more lively at the bar, which makes this place great for both drinks and dinner.  I'm already dreaming about getting the exact same dinner here again soon.

While We Were Young || Of course we had to hit this picturesque spot that was made famous by Instagram.  This place is just as cute in person as it is in pictures and I just wanted to stay there and shoot all day!  I had the Kobe burger for brunch, which was delicious, but not exactly allergy friendly.  The only downside about this place is that it's so tiny that it limits their abilities to accommodate food allergies, and while they were super nice about it, this makes eating there tricky for someone like me.

La Pizza & La Pasta in Eataly || Italian food is my absolute favorite so I always love going to Eataly.  We ran here for a quick dinner on the last night so I could eat something before getting back on the train.  I had only ever been to the Flatiron location so it was cool to see their location Downtown.  This is always a good place to head for a delicious traditional Italian meal.

Chloe's Soft Serve || I have been a big fan of Chloe's Fruit Pops for quite some time and have been dying to go here since I found out it existed.  With all my crazy food allergies finding ice pops I can have is difficult, but Chloe's are made with fruit, water, and a small amount of cane sugar, which means I can have them.  At their flagship store they take this same concept (fruit, water, and a small amount of cane sugar) and serve it in soft serve form.  The soft serve here is so good and an almost guilt free treat, making it a major win in my book!

Sprinkles || I always have to stop here when I'm in NYC and I went to their super tiny (blink and you'll miss it) location outside of Penn Station before I got on the train home.  All of their cupcakes are delicious, but you definitely need to make this a stop if you are gluten free because they're Gluten Free Red Velvet Cupcakes and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies are the best I've ever had! 

Bryant Park Winter Village || If you're in the city during Christmas time this is a must visit.  Bryant Park is set up with the cutest little village with tons of shops, places to eat, an ice skating rink, a Christmas tree and more.  I went here last year with my Mom for the first time and was excited to get to see it again!

Zara || Kelsie doesn't have a Zara near her so she wanted to go while we were in the city and I always love stopping here.  Zara is great for inexpensive basics or to purchase trendy pieces without breaking the bank.  If you've never been to a Zara store before make sure to stop by one of the locations if you're ever in NYC.

& Other Stories || Kelsie discovered this store when she was in Europe and was looking forward to shopping there again and I was looking forward to my first trip!  I would describe this as the grown up version of Zara, as they stock similar pieces that are better made and a little pricier.  There were so many beautiful things (including a great beauty line!) and I can't wait to go again next time I'm in the city.

Sézane || Another spot that had been blowing up all over Instagram that we absolutely had to visit.  This is a store from France that recently opened their first US location, L'Appartement New York (they have four locations in Paris and one in London).  This shop is a hybrid between a store and a café with sweet little café seating to one side of the space where you can get treats from Maman and the rest of the space is a home and clothing store.  This spot is so chic and it was easy to see why it's such a hit on Insta!

Louis Vuitton Volez Voguez Voyagez Exhibition || This was the big reason we came into the city and I am so glad we did.  This is an exhibition that chronicles Louis Vuitton from 1854 to present day.  It is a gorgeous mix of art, fashion, and history.  If you're a fan of fashion or history this is a must see and it's truly just exceptional.  I do highly recommend getting tickets in advance because even with tickets there is a crazy line and a long wait, but in my opinion it was well worth standing in line for an hour to see.

Rockefeller Center || We stopped by on our way to the show we saw and there's always something magical about Rockefeller Center during the holiday season.  They were in the middle of putting up the tree, which meant it was surrounded in scaffolding, but it was still great to see!  Spending some time at Rockefeller Center during the holidays is something everyone needs to do at some point in their life.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular ||  This was my fourth or fifth time seeing the show, but it never disappoints.  Everything about this show is fabulous from the dancing to the glittering costumes to the Rockettes' high kicks.  This is yet another thing that you absolutely have to go see if you're in New York during the holidays.  It's such a spirited show that makes you feel like a little kid again and is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit!

As always I had an amazing time in New York City and cannot wait to get back!  What are your favorite things to do in the city during the holidays?


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hostess Gifts: Holiday

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With the holiday season in full effect that means there are lots of holiday fêtes to attend!  My Mom always taught me that when you attend a party bringing a gift to the hostess to show your appreciation is a must and I feel like it's especially important this time of year.  To help you out I've rounded up fifteen gifts that any hostess would be thrilled to receive!  I personally prefer to bring something that can be used multiple times instead of a bottle of wine because it's unique and lasting.  You can go very holiday themed like this Hanukkah platter or these Christmas dish towels.  Or you can go more all year with this cookbook, this decanter, or these coasters.  I've got you covered no matter what you're looking to gift and everything on the list is under $40 except for this gorgeous cheese plate, which is a worthy splurge for a special someone.  Like with my Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts you can even pair a few items together to create the perfect present, like this with these or this with this.  No matter what you decide on though any hostess is sure to love any gift on this list!



Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Recipe: Holiday Dinner Dog Treats

You guys loved my last dog treat recipe so much that I decided to create another one!  I wanted to make something for the holidays for Lucy and was inspired by a classic holiday dinner.  I figured why should only humans get to enjoy food this time of year?  Our sweet pups deserve to too!  We also had a doggie family member coming for Thanksgiving so I decided to make these so that both dogs would get something special.  Let me tell you these were a HUGE hit!  Both dogs were completely obsessed with them and could not get enough.  Needless to say these didn't stick around for long since every dog I gave them to loved them!  These treats will be great all year long, but it's especially fun to spoil your pup around the holidays with treats inspired by what we're eating.  My first batch of these are already gone and I'm planning to make another next week since Lucy enjoys them so much.  This recipe is easy, healthy, and sure to make your pup(s) very happy this holiday season!

1 cup pureéd pumpkin
1/2 cup cooked, mashed sweet potato*
1 10 oz can white chunk chicken breast, shreaded
1 egg
1 1/2 cups gluten free flour**
*I cooked two small sweet potatoes in the microwave for about 10 minutes, scraped them out of their skins, and allowed to cool.
**I used rice flour.

-Mix pumpkin and sweet potato until combined.
-Add chicken, egg, and flour mixing between the addition of each ingredient.
-Mix until fully combined.
-Shape dough into 1/2 teaspoon balls and place on cookie sheet.
-Using a fork, flatten the treats (you can press the fork into the dough just once, like I did, or twice and create a criss cross design).
-Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.
-Transfer from cookie sheet onto wire cooling rack.
-Allow to completely cool before giving to your pup.
-Store in an airtight container.

{This yields 90 1/2 teaspoon cookies, you can freeze both the dough and baked treats to use later and keep fresh longer.}


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Gift Guide: Guys

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If you're like me then gift shopping for guys is not always the easiest task.  However, I've done some research and spent a lot of time putting together a list of options for the men on your shopping list!  There's something for every guy from your boyfriend to your father to your best friend and everything on the list is under $100 except for this and this, which are splurge items.  I've got everything here from stocking stuffers, like this and this, to travel essentials like this, to cold weather necessities like these and more.  I hope that this list can help you with any of the guys you need to shop for and even give you some inspiration or other gifts throughout the year!