Thursday, March 31, 2016

Celebrity Style Obsession: Gigi Hadid

I love Gigi Hadid!  I've talked about her a few times on here including doing a Street Style post a few months back on her model off duty looks.  She is always dressed incredibly chic whether she is off duty, on duty, or at an event so I thought it would be fun to take a better look at her style.  Gigi's looks run the gamut from boho chic to polished and ladylike, and she is able to pull off each look with ease.  She often favors monochrome looks and they always look incredible.  Gigi's red carpet looks are also amazing and are typically feminine and pretty or super sexy.  In addition to having a varied wardrobe she isn't afraid to try out new beauty looks, which always compliment her outfit.  My favorite is when she rocks voluminous curls, but if I'm being totally honest I really love all of her hair and makeup looks.  When getting dressed Gigi is a great star to look to for inspiration and will hopefully help you to go a little outside your fashion comfort zone.  Here I have for you my favorite looks she has worn.

Which of Gigi's looks is your favorite?

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Shopping Haul: Sephora

A new season means a new Sephora Haul!  It's funny because I just realized that I've done some Sephora shopping at the start of every season recently, but it has not been planned out at all!  This time I stocked up on makeup, skincare, and hair products and I thought it would be fun to share with you what I purchased.

I was looking for a super bright pink matte lipstick and I wanted this one in Drive to Pink, but Sephora didn't have it and at the time it was sold out elsewhere so I decided to get this instead.  I wore it for the first time yesterday and to be honest I'm not sure if I'm going to land up keeping it.  I'm on the fence about it is because the color is not nearly as bright as it looks online or I wanted it to be.  It also doesn't have the color pay off I like in a lipstick, I had to put a lot on and I still felt like it was more sheer than other matte lipsticks I've used.  I'm going to wear it again today and see how I feel about it, but if I don't like it better I think I'm going to return it and get the one I originally wanted.

I usually use Benefit Cosmetics Coralista Blush, but I've been noticing recently that I need a lot to get it to show up and it disappears on my skin rather quickly.  I'm almost out of it so I decided to try something different that will hopefully last longer.  I picked this because it wears for twelve hours(!), and has benefits for all skin types.  I haven't worn it yet, but I was playing around with it last night and I only need a small amount of blush to get the color I want on my cheeks and I love the color!

I've been eyeing the GLAMGLOW masks for a while and the last time I was in Sephora I got a sample of the THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment to help with my super dry skin.  After using my sample I was seriously impressed - it really helped with dryness, toned my skin, and smelled amazing.  I decided to purchase this set because it was the same price as the mask alone, but you get a full size THIRSTYMUD, a SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, a THIRSTYCLEANSE Hydrating Cleanser, and an applicator brush.  In addition to using the mask, I've also been using the THIRSTYCLEANSE Hydrating Cleanser, which cleans my face without drying it out.  I haven't tried the SUPERMUD yet because the winter dries my skin out, but I can't wait to try it soon!

I actually purchased this for my Mom as a part of her birthday present, but I use it too and actually got her hooked on it!  This styling aid "provides volume, smoothness, conditioning, strength, and polish in one easy step."  I put this on damp hair before styling.  I love how it helps to prevent frizz and keeps my hair looking soft and polished until I wash it again.  You also only need a small amount of product so the bottle lasts for a long time!


Have you made any recent purchases at Sephora?

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Girl Crush: Taylor Swift

Long time no see!  Last week I got hit by a crazy migraine that completely knocked me out.  I've gotten a handful of migraines in the past, but I usually just turn off all the lights and go to sleep for a few hours and it feels better or is completely gone when I wake up.  Unfortunately this one started last Sunday and I only felt back to myself this past Sunday (thankfully in time for Easter!).  I was so sad that I couldn't get any posts up while I was sick, and to be honest I'm not really sure how I even put together last Monday's post.  I'm so happy to be back to normal though and will be posting every day for the rest of the week so make sure to check back!

Today we're talking about someone I have a serious girl crush on, and in my opinion the ultimate girl crush: Taylor Swift.  Over the years we've seen Taylor go from country sweetheart to bonafide pop superstar.  Although she is one of the most famous people on the planet she still remains humble and is the type of girl everyone wants to hang out with.  She has so many amazing qualities and I'm going to tell you why she's my current girl crush.

1. She breaks barriers.
At twenty-one Taylor was only the second woman to win CMA Entertainer of the Year twice and at twenty-six she was the first woman to win Album of the Year at the Grammys twice.  I have a feeling that she will be breaking even more records in the future!

2. She's a girl's girl.
Taylor is known for her amazing girl squad and creating a community of women that support one another.  In addition to this she and her friends do all things girly from birthday parties to baking cookies to shopping and more!

3. She's a good friend.
She has countless friends that are actually her friends, not just "Hollywood friends."  She's always there to support them and help them out.  She is seriously a dream bestie!

4. She stays true to herself.
Taylor does whatever she wants regardless of what people say.  She embraces her quirks and doesn't let the haters stop her from doing her thing.

5. She has amazing style.
Does Taylor ever not look amazing?  Read more about why I love her style here.

6. She is incredibly talented.
She's an amazing singer/songwriter/musician and she can even act.

7. She's close to her family.
No matter how famous she gets Taylor never forgets her family.  She can often be seen with her younger brother, Mom, and Dad.  Family is super important to her and you can tell it always will be.

8. She always has fun.
She's not afraid to goof off and have a good time even in serious situations.

9. She's generous.
Taylor makes countless donations to fans and charities every year.  Additionally, she frequently takes time out of her busy schedule to meet with fans, especially those suffering from illnesses.

10.She kicks ass.
Taylor doesn't just kick ass in her Bad Blood music video, but in real life too.  She doesn't let haters get her down, not even famous ones like Kanye West.  Her 2016 Grammy speech is just one example of this, she slammed Kanye West for his crude lyrics (without actually mentioning him) and took a stand for women everywhere.

So now that you know why I love Taylor and want to be her BFF let me know what you think below!

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Monday, March 21, 2016

My First Rocksbox

I've been wanting to try Rocksbox for a while now and was beyond excited when they contacted me to work together.  If you haven't heard of Rocksbox it's a jewelry rental service that "gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry."  

At this point I'm sure you're wondering exactly how this works.  Well you start by signing up at the bottom of this page and then filling out the Rocksbox Style Survey.  The survey is very comprehensive asking you questions like what occasion you'd like to be styled for, what metal tones you like, favorite jewelry styles, and more.  I love that there is even a section in the survey where you can add any additional information about your preferences and style.  Next you create a wish list by selecting all your favorite pieces so the company can get to know your style even better.  

Once you've completed both a stylist hand selects three pieces for you based on the information you've given them.  The jewelry your stylist selects is sent to you to wear and enjoy for as long as you'd like.  If you get a piece that you absolutely have to keep, which is very likely since it was chosen just for you, than you can purchase it at a special (aka discounted!) Insiders' Price.

Whenever you've decided you are done with your jewelry you simply send everything back with the included envelope and prepaid shipping label, and in a short time you get your next Rocksbox.

Rocksbox carries so many amazing designers such as Kendra Scott, Loren Hope, Gorjana, House of Harlow, Sophie Harper, Moon & Lola, and more!  Right now my wish list has over seventy pieces because the gorgeous options are seemingly endless!

I recieved my first Rocksbox late last week and am completely obsessed.  I may or may not even have one piece that I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy already!  I have to be honest I'm pretty picky about jewelry and was pleasantly surprised with how well my stylist understood my preferences.

Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace
Regular Price  $50  |  Insiders' Price $40

House of Harlow 1960 Braided Pavé Bangle
Regular Price $78  |  Insiders' Price $62

Gorjana Dita Midi Ring
Regular Price $40  |  Insiders' Price $32

My favorite piece is definitely the Kendra Scott Elisa necklace and I think I'm going to land up buying it.  The other pieces are also super fun and I love how they look paired together.  I will be wearing and enjoying these beautiful jewels all week long!  The hard part is deciding when to send them back because I want to wear them, but I also want try out even more of the fun pieces Rocksbox has to offer.

Want to try Rocksbox yourself?!  Use the code THEBLUSHBLONDEXOXO for one month free!  Trust me you will not regret trying it out!

*I recieved three months of Rocksbox as a part of a partnership.  All words and opinions are my own.

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