Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Shopping Haul: Sephora

A new season means a new Sephora Haul!  It's funny because I just realized that I've done some Sephora shopping at the start of every season recently, but it has not been planned out at all!  This time I stocked up on makeup, skincare, and hair products and I thought it would be fun to share with you what I purchased.

I was looking for a super bright pink matte lipstick and I wanted this one in Drive to Pink, but Sephora didn't have it and at the time it was sold out elsewhere so I decided to get this instead.  I wore it for the first time yesterday and to be honest I'm not sure if I'm going to land up keeping it.  I'm on the fence about it is because the color is not nearly as bright as it looks online or I wanted it to be.  It also doesn't have the color pay off I like in a lipstick, I had to put a lot on and I still felt like it was more sheer than other matte lipsticks I've used.  I'm going to wear it again today and see how I feel about it, but if I don't like it better I think I'm going to return it and get the one I originally wanted.

I usually use Benefit Cosmetics Coralista Blush, but I've been noticing recently that I need a lot to get it to show up and it disappears on my skin rather quickly.  I'm almost out of it so I decided to try something different that will hopefully last longer.  I picked this because it wears for twelve hours(!), and has benefits for all skin types.  I haven't worn it yet, but I was playing around with it last night and I only need a small amount of blush to get the color I want on my cheeks and I love the color!

I've been eyeing the GLAMGLOW masks for a while and the last time I was in Sephora I got a sample of the THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment to help with my super dry skin.  After using my sample I was seriously impressed - it really helped with dryness, toned my skin, and smelled amazing.  I decided to purchase this set because it was the same price as the mask alone, but you get a full size THIRSTYMUD, a SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, a THIRSTYCLEANSE Hydrating Cleanser, and an applicator brush.  In addition to using the mask, I've also been using the THIRSTYCLEANSE Hydrating Cleanser, which cleans my face without drying it out.  I haven't tried the SUPERMUD yet because the winter dries my skin out, but I can't wait to try it soon!

I actually purchased this for my Mom as a part of her birthday present, but I use it too and actually got her hooked on it!  This styling aid "provides volume, smoothness, conditioning, strength, and polish in one easy step."  I put this on damp hair before styling.  I love how it helps to prevent frizz and keeps my hair looking soft and polished until I wash it again.  You also only need a small amount of product so the bottle lasts for a long time!


Have you made any recent purchases at Sephora?

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  1. Glisten is a gorgeous color!! I find that it is quite pigmented so you should see the color fairly easily!

  2. That's a bummer about the lipstick, but you gotta find something that works. I love the Nars pencil in Yu, it's such a bright beautiful color...maybe check that out. I got a sample of a Living Proof product, and I really like it!


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