Monday, March 7, 2016

February 2016 on Instagram

I can't believe February is over already and it is absolutely crazy to think that with each passing month I get closer to graduation!  This month brought lots of fun and goodies, which I of course documented on Instagram for all to see.  Below I have a recap of my February in pictures and if you're not following me (@theblushblonde) make sure to do that now!

My phone case was getting pretty beat up so I ordered this one from Casetify and love it!  I knew I wanted something girly and fun and this is definitely that.  The only hard part was picking just one because Casetify has a million to choose from.

I had to go home at the beginning of the month and it turned into a winter wonderland because of a snowstorm.  I really love the snow and was happy to be home because we got way more then at school.  I took this behind our condo and it looks like we live in a winter forest!

I have been wanting a succulent for forever and I finally got one at the beginning of the month.  My Mom and I actually stumbled across succulent three packs at Costco so I took one of them back to school with me.

My sister's birthday was on the 11th.  This year was her 21st and I was beyond excited.  I'm three years older so I've been waiting for this birthday for a while and we had so much fun!

I made sugar cookies for a sweet Valentine's Day treat!

There's an old mansion on the section of campus I live on and it always intrigues me!  I think it is so gorgeous and I had to go check it out in the snow.

I think that Stella & Dot has the cutest packaging!  Could I really call myself a blogger if I didn't Instagram this?!

This was taken at the Senior Day basketball game at school.  Not going to lie it was kind of emotional knowing it was my last home game on campus that I was attending as a student.  Thankfully it was a great game and we won!

My sister loves cookie dough and for her birthday I special ordered from Cookie DŌ NYC.  She has Celiac and they can make almost all of their safe to eat cookie dough gluten free, which is amazing!  I got her Snickerdoodle and Salty & Sweet, I got myself Peanut Butter, and I even got Doggie DŌ for Coco.  They were all delicious!

To end my month I went to a painting and wine party for my little's birthday.  We painted this fun picture of the Eiffel Tower and the umbrella was supposed to be red, but I of course had to ask for pink paint instead.  I can't wait to go to another one of these parties, I had such a good time!

So this was my February in pictures!  Come check me out on Instagram (@theblushblonde) and follow along with me to see more of what's here!  How was your February?

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  1. That cookie dough looks amazing!!


  2. Your sister's birthday celebration looks like it was so much fun, it's so exciting that she is 21 now! I love your eiffel tower painting, the pink umbrella is so cute!

  3. You certainly had a winter wonderland! so pretty!

  4. I loooove that case of yours, and how gorgeous and intriguing is that mansion, too cool!

  5. Great recap, Kristin! A lot of great shots. And I love your painting! Nice job!

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