Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday Ten: Drugstore Favorites Part I

What beauty junkie doesn't love good quality inexpensive beauty products?  I know I definitely do, which is why I am sharing some of my drugstore beauty favorites with you today.  When I originally set out to write this post I had intentions of it being a single post, but then when I got to listing all the drugstore beauty supplies I love I had to break it into two posts!  This week I have part of my drugstore beauty favorites for you and next Tuesday I'll be sharing the rest so make sure to come back and check that out!

This shampoo does a great job of deeply cleaning your hair without striping it of its moisture.  Moreover it's free of sulfates, which are not good for your hair.  I also love the the way it smells, it has almost a minty scent to it that makes your hair smell amazing!

Essie makes my favorite nail polishes, their products are good quality and they have a large selection of colors.  I remember a few years back you could only get Essie at beauty supply stores or salons and I was so happy when different drugstores started carrying them!  Essie's Ballet Slippers is a feminine, classic color.  This cult favorite looks great on everyone and is my absolute favorite color from Essie.

I've talked about this lip treatment a million times before, but that's because it is an absolute must have for me.  I have Crohn's Disease and it makes my skin so dry; if I don't put this on my lips every night before bed my lips crack and bleed.  This has seriously been a saving grace for me and I highly recommend it.

I love using this old school makeup to set my brows.  I learned this trick years ago from a makeup artist and do it every time I do my makeup.  My brows are super, super light so I don't fill them in (because it makes them look dark and unnatural with my hair and coloring) I just use this to set them in place.  When I use this my brows always look great and never look fake or "crunchy."

This is another cult product and something I could not live without.  As I mentioned above my skin is super dry and this gentle cleanser cleans my face without drying out my skin.  This "do all" product can do anything from removing makeup to cleansing skin to acting as a body wash.  The best part about this though is it is an amazing and super inexpensive cleanser!  It's great for all skin types and you need to try it if you haven't.

This lotion is great because it addition to moisturizing your skin it also helps to firm it.  It makes your skin tighter and smoother, and I can say from personal experience it helps with stretch marks too.  I also really love the way it smells and I always get complimented on it!  I used to use it all the time, but for some reason got away from it, I recently got back to using it and am so happy with the results.

I've been using this for about a year and it's still one of my favorite products.  I shower at night and use this in the morning to cleanse my face.  I've noticed an improvement in the dryness in my skin since I started using this.  It's also great for taking off makeup at the end of the day!

This has been my go to heat protection for years.  I spray this on my damp hair before blow drying and then again on my dry hair before flat ironing or curling.  It really helps to protect my hair from heat styling and I also think it has helped to keep my hair healthy.

Neutrogena hands down makes the best drugstore sunscreen (and I've tried a lot of different brands!).  The Dry-Touch SPF 100+ is my favorite for my body and then I also really like their facial sunscreens too.  Sunscreen is so important, especially this time of year, and this is my number one sunscreen recommendation.

This is such a simple and inexpensive body wash, but it smells amazing.  It has the lightest vanilla honey scent that makes me look forward to showering!  It also helps to hydrate skin and gently cleanses it.  This is another product I've been using for years and always repurchase it when it runs out!

What are some of your drugstore must haves?

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  1. I need to try that Simple Micellar water. I've heard great things!

  2. I love the clean freak line! They have a salt spray I'm crazy about!

    xx Leah / www.eatpraywearlove.com

  3. The Essie nail polish looks so lovely, lovely shade! Xx


  4. I tried the Neutrogena sun block and loved it! I would love to try those other items especially the Essie nail polish!

  5. Ahhh the Cetaphil cleanser is a LIFESAVER! I need to try the Nivea firming lotion too x

  6. I love finding good quality drug store brands! I love the Simple company. I use their face wash and it works great with my sensetive skin.

    Amy | Champagne and Pearls

  7. I definitely agree with the heat protectant spray! I can't live without my toner and my face wash!!


  8. I've been using Cetaphil for years and it's the one beauty product that I can't live without!


  9. Thanks so much for these recommendations! I have been using the Cetaphil cleanser for quite some time and agree that it is amazing! It's so good to know of go-to products that won't hurt your wallet :)


  10. The ultra sheer sunscreen is seriously the bomb.com

  11. I swear by cetaphil! Ever since I was on accutane a few years ago I started using it and I swear no high end brand can do it better, I'm obsessed with it! Thanks for sharing!

    Pick Your Beau


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