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Beauty Behind the Blog: Seersucker Sass

Today I'm back with my second installment of Beauty Behind the Blog with an interview of Dana from Seersucker Sass!
Name: Dana
Age: 25

Who taught you about beauty?
My momma.  When I was little, I would sit and watch her fix her hair and put her makeup on each morning before work, and I was mesmerized.  She stressed the importance of taking good care of my skin and only using makeup to enhance natural beauty.

What is your favorite thing about beauty?
Experimenting with my look!

What is your best beauty secret?
Moisturizing before putting on my foundation!  It makes such a difference.

Do you create any DIY beauty products?
No!  I'd love to do more.

What is your favorite natural beauty product?
Tom's of Maine Naturally Dry Deodorant (Is that beauty?  Oops.)  I can only use natural deo since I had the lymph nodes in my armpit taken out, and this is the only stuff I've found that works.

What is your skin type?

What is your basic skincare routine?
In the morning, I wash and moisturize.  At night, I washmoisturize, use a sleeping cream, and apply eyelash serum.

What is your biggest skin issue?
My pores are awful, but my sleeping cream has been helping so much with that!  And I use Biore Pore Strips once a week.

What is your must have skincare product(s)?

What is your favorite skincare splurge?
A facial!  I need one so badly.

What is the first thing you do when you get a breakout?
Try not to pick and just let the breakout run it's course.  I had an allergic reaction to an acne product once, so I steer clear of all of them now!

What is your everyday makeup look?
I wear very little makeup from day to day - CC Creamtranslucent powder, highlighter on my cheekbones and apples of my cheeks, blush, a shimmery neutral eyeshadow, and lipstick.  I don't wear mascara at the moment because I'm attempting to let my eyelash extensions grow out.

What is your go to makeup look when you go out?
I do the same as above, but do a full contour, more eye makeup, and eyeliner.  I'll also switch my "day" lipstick for a red or hot pink.

What are your must have makeup products?
I can't live without highlighter, blush, and plum lipstick.

What is your favorite makeup splurge?

What is your best makeup trick?
Using translucent powder instead of a powder matched to my skin tone.  It looks so much more natural!  And when wearing bold lip color, always use a lip liner!

What is your hair type?

What is your basic hair care routine?
wash and condition my hair every night, and then I curl it in the morning with a large barrel curling iron.  The less work, the better!

What is your biggest hair issue?
My hair

What are your must have hair products? Organix Shampoo and Conditioner and Batiste Dry Shampoo!

What is your favorite hair care splurge?
Pricey hair spray.  I can't help it - I'm a Southern lady, and I need my hair spray!

How do you style your hair everyday?
Sometimes I wake up with amazing waves, so I'll brush the top of my hair, spray it, and go.  If it's a little too wild, I'll curl it with a large barrel curling iron.  Or if I'm in a crunch for time, I'll fishtail braid it!

How do you style your hair when you're going out?
I curl it with a large barrel curling iron, but I'll tease it up a little bit.

What is your best hair trick?
This is awful, but sometimes I don't brush my hair after washing it, and I sleep on it like that.  I wake up with the most amazing waves in the morning.

What is your basic body care routine?
I use a gentle cleanser on my entire body, and then lather up with lotion after I shower.  My mom swears by this and she's in her 50's with no wrinkles, so take notes - I exfoliate.

What are your must have body products?
A good razor and sunscreen.

What is your favorite body product splurge?
Vita Liberata self tanning products!  I had laser hair removal about ten years ago, and I would love to splurge and have that again!

What is your basic approach to nutrition and dieting?
My diet and nutrition could be better, but I'm pretty good about enjoying things in moderation.

What is your current workout routine?
Jump roping and yoga for flexibility videos.  I used to take dance for hours a day in high school, so I try to take it much easier on my body now.

A huge thank you to Dana for sharing a look into her beauty routine!  Do you use any of the same products?  Let me know below! 

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