Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Make Disco Pumpkins

It's no secret that I love glitter.  I honestly think that a little tasteful glitter can make anything better, so when Dara posted this picture of pumpkin inspiration, I knew I had to have glitter pumpkins!
I had so much fun making my pumpkins that I wanted to share it with everyone.  I found a package of 6 mini pumpkins at Wegmans that came with its own set of paints (I didn't use them though), it was actually a 'paint a pumpkin' kit for little kids, but I just loved how tiny the pumpkins were so I had to get them!  
Pumpkins (as many as you want!)
Mod Podge
Black paint
Paint brushes
Step 1- Paint the pumpkins black.  I painted the top half first & waited for it to dry, then I turned them over & painted the bottom half. 
Step 2- Allow them to completely dry.
Step 3- Take a paint brush & dip it in Mod Podge, on one of the pumpkins paint the design you want.
Tip: If you are doing polka dots on your pumpkins like I did, I recommend painting them like the picture below (without the lines).  If you do the dots in a zig zag pattern all the way down the pumpkin it will produce the perfect polka dot pattern.  Also only paint a few dots at a time so the Mod Podge doesn't dry before you get to put the glitter on.
Step 4- Shake glitter onto where you painted with the Mod Podge.  (For a polka dot design alternate between painting on Mod Podge & applying the glitter.)
Step 5- Take a clean paint brush to flick off the excess pieces of glitter.  
Step 5- Allow to dry.
Step 6- Enjoy!
These were so easy to make & I was really happy with how they turned out.  I even made one for my Little & put it together with some Halloween candy & a card for her.  You can't completely see in the picture, but I wrote "I [heart] my little!", I wrote it out in metallic Sharpie, & then did the heart in glitter; on the back of the pumpkin I put our sorority greek letters in glitter too!  If you don't feel like using glitter you can also just write on the pumpkins with metallic Sharpies.  
I had a blast with all of this, they've made such cute decorations & a fun gift as well.  I hope you can have fun making them too!

Have you done any halloween crafting?
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  1. aw yours turned out so well - super cute!

  2. Hi Kristin,

    My name is Sami and I am also new to the Her Campus Blogger Network! I am absolutely in LOVE with everything about your blog! I loved this cute crafting idea. Halloween is so close and I wanted a cute Halloween themed craft to surprise my big and little with and this is perfect! Thanks for the great idea!

    I can't wait to see more of your blog!!


  3. cute cute cute! I need to add some glitter to my pumpkins this year :)

  4. These are so cute! I didn't get to craft for Halloween, but I'm definitely saving this for next year!



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