Monday, October 28, 2013

So This Happened

If you follow me on Instagram (& if you don't you totally should!) then you already know that this happened, but before I explain how Nicki Minaj ended up in a Villanova jersey let me rewind a little bit.  As I mentioned on Friday, that night was Hoopsmania, which is the big kickoff for our basketball team.  The night is always so much fun & always reminds me how lucky I am to be at such an amazing place.
Hoopsmania happens in the Pavilion, which is our home basketball court when the games aren't at the Wells Fargo Center.  The whole night was broadcast nationally on FOX Sports for the first time, which only added to the excitement.  They introduced the Men's & Women's basketball teams, introduced past players, had some competitions, and the men's team even did a karaoke dance contest which was hysterical.  At Hoopsmainia Men's team also scrimmages each other,& last year they decided to bring back a Big East tradition that stopped a while ago.  The tradition is that on the first basket of the game (the scrimmage in this case) everyone throws rolls of streamers onto the court.
All of that makes for this, which is so awesome.  After all of the basketball festivities there is always a musical act & I'm sure you've already guessed by now that the musical act was the fabulous Miss Nicki Minaj.
With the Men's team.
With the Women's team.
Her performance was so good & there was such a fun atmosphere in the whole place, everyone was just dancing & having a blast.  Every performer that comes here gets a basketball jersey like the one Nicki has on, her jersey is my favorite though because it is pink!  I loved that they did that.  All of the pictures of Nicki are screenshots from her Instagram.  My little couldn't go to the event, but was so sweet & got her ticket & gave it to my sister so she could come with me!
It's so nice that my sister goes to school so close to me & got to come to Hoopsmania & see what I've been raving about the last 2 years!  The night was just all around amaing & just made me love Villanova even more then I already do if that's possible!!

Before I go I have a side note:
Beyonce was spotted in a Villanova Campus Teez shirt a few weeks ago!  Nicki Minaj & Beyonce in Villanova gear?  Yeah that happened.

How as your weekend?
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  1. How awesome! I can only imagine the party atmosphere with Nikki Minaj!

  2. Nicki definitely knows how to hype a crowd! Too much fun I'm sure!

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  4. Wow- that looks like so much fun! And Nicki Minaj?! That's so cool!

  5. So that explains Nikki Minaj's Villanova posts a couple of months back! College basketball is awesome, as it is nationally televised unlike high school hoops, yet is closer to home unlike the NBA. This makes the fans more touchy in things such as uniform designs. Nice touch on Nikki's pink Nova jersey! And so sorry on Nova's elimination in the NCAA tournament.
    Linnie Dimmitt @

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  8. Lost to Utah . 🌍


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