Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New York City in October

If you've been reading along for awhile you know that New York City is one of my favorite places in the whole world.  I love, love, love, it there & hope to live there some day.  Like I said in yesterday's post October Break is the perfect time to do some mother/daughter bonding, so my mom & I decided to take advantage of that & spend the whole day in NYC yesterday.  We had such a great time & did some really fun things.

Stage Door Tour -  Radio City Music Hall
My Mom is a huge fan of the Radio City Rockettes, so we thought it would be awesome to do a whole behind the scenes tour of Radio City.  This was such a cool experience & I would highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting New York.  On the tour you get to see so many different things, & learn so much about the venue & it's history.  It lasted about an hour & a half, & I seriously cannot say enough things about how amazing it was.  At one point you also get to meet a Rockette, which was my Mom's dream come true.  A cool thing about the tour was that you could take pictures of almost everything, the only time you weren't allowed to was when we were with the Rockette because of something to do with licensing, they had a professional photographer on hand to take purchasable pictures, but we passed on that.
The grand foyer.
The grand foyer view from the 3rd Mezzanine.
Aluminum statue in the downstairs lounge.
The theatre.
Picture of the Rockettes.
Rockette Costumes.
Fun Facts About Radio City:
1. Radio City opened December 27, 1932.
2. It was almost shut down in 1978 due to bankruptcy, but was saved by the public.
3. The theatre seats 6,000 people.
4. From its opening & up until 1978 the theatre had a mix of live shows & movies, but since 1978 it has only had live shows.
5. The building was designed in an art deco style.
6. In 1999 Radio City was closed down for 8 months for a large restoration, everything has been kept to look like it did when it opened.
7. The Rockettes actually predate Radio City, 7 had an interesting journey to become what they are today.
8. Rockettes have to be proficient in jazz, tap, & ballet, be able to sing, & be between 5'6" & 5'10.5".
9. There was once a one ring circus in at Radio City, there is a picture in one of the stair cases of an elephant walking up the stairs.
10. The hydraulics under the stage are the original ones that were installed in 1932, when the restoration was done engineers told them that nothing needed to be done to it, & it is still one of the most advanced hydraulics systems in the world.

After the tour we walked down to Eataly, Italian heaven.  This place is a big Italian market, with food stations, & restaurants throughout it.  We are Italian & love to cook, so we were in our complete glory here.  Since it was Columbus Day it was super crowded & there was a wait for lunch, while we waited we walked around, there were stations for pasta, meat, cheese, fish, dessert, paninis, & so much more.
Fresh veggies.
 Bread bakery.
Gluten free mini desserts.
Dessert station.
There were so many places to eat, but we had lunch at La Pizza & La Pasta.  They were super accommodating of food allergies, & made my pasta with gluten free penne.  We had buffalo mozzarella as an appetizer, I then had the penne with red sauce & basil & I mixed in some of the mozzarella from the appetizer.  It was so yummy!  My Mom had one of the specials, which was mushroom ravioli that she loved.  (Fun Fact: Jay-Z & Beyonce ate here on Saturday!!)

Everything here was so fresh & looked amazing.  My Mom & I will definitely be coming back to Eataly to eat & shop!

Of course we had to stop by Sprinkles before we left because who doesn't love their cupcakes?
Cupcakes in all there glory.
I cheated with a triple cinnamon, but had all my gluten free red velvets in another box.

My Mom & I had such a fun time in New York City yesterday.  It's always great when you get to spend some time with one of your favorite people in your favorite place!

Did you do anything fun for Columbus Day?
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  1. I love NYC, I've been several times but it looks like I need to go with you :) Cute blog

  2. Ahhhh.. NYC is my favorite place on earth too! :) Looks like you had a great time!


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