Thursday, July 18, 2013

What to Wear: Lazy Day

So tomorrow I need to work on a paper for an online class that I'm taking (I know yuck!).  Obviously I want to make this experience as painless as possible, so I need to be super comfortable.  However, I don't want to look sloppy, in case I have to run errands or the like.  So I put together a very comfy-cute look to inspire lazy day outfits.  I love to wear nice tailored yoga pants, an oversized top, a fun colored soft bra, & flip flops so that is exactly what I put together.  I call it 'yoga chic'.

Aerie Polka Dot Cami: $20.00
Aerie Long Bralette $20.00
Aerie Yoga Flare Pant: $25.00
Rainbow Narrow Strap Women's Sandal $49.00
Kate Spade New York Stud Earrings $38.00

I actually own the bralette pictured (in grey) & it is the coziest bra ever, a major plus is that it happens to be happens to be really, really pretty.  Throwing that baby on under an equally soft, loose fit tank, gives a little bit of sexy peek-a-boo action.  I also own the yoga pants shown (in a different color), Aerie makes the best lounge wear, they fit really well, & are breathable, which is important in the summer time.  Ok so this may come as a shock, but I own the Rainbow flip flops shown (again in a different color!), they are first class flip flops & well worth the price tag, they have an arch, which is something very few flip flops have, since that's good for your feet we can right it off as a medical expense right?  Lastly, I threw in little pink studs that match the bra to give a little glamour, a girl always needs a little sparkle.  So with an outfit like this one at least I know I will look & feel good while I'm slaving over that paper.

What will you be doing tomorrow?  (Hopefully something more fun then me!)

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