Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Things About Coco Chanel

If you've checked out my About Me page then you know this is my dog, Coco Chanel.
Since Coco is sassy & adorable I figured that I would write about her today, & give a little insight into my life!  So here is 
10 Things About Coco Chanel

1. She wears clothes (mainly sweatshirts), & LOVES them.  In the winter she will literally cry for them until we dress her.

2. She steals pillows & blankets like it's her job.

3. She has separation anxiety and does cute things like this when I try to pack for school. 

4. She truly believes that my bed is actually her bed that I just sleep in.

5. She is obsessed with food & begs for it often.

6. She thinks that anything that is mine is hers, & therefore she should lay on it. 
(That is one of my curtains)

7. She loves the car, but HATES windshield wipers.

8. She likes to take selfies with my sister.

9. She believes that anything that comes out of the dryer is a warm new bed for her.

10. She loves to be carried & held.

That is 10 things about the crazy little dog that runs my parents house!  We all love her terribly & joke that she never gets enough attention.  I hope you enjoyed learning about her!

Do you have any pets?
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  1. My dog is the exact same about the car! He loves riding in it but is absolutely terrified of the windshield wipers! That's just too funny that they're both afraid of the wipers - I've never heard of another dog with that fear!


    1. She is crazy about them! She knows when it's raining, so she waits for them & then literally lunges at them when they go on. The only solution I can come up with is that she is afraid of them so she thinks she's got to protect me from them. It's so funny that your dog is the same way because I've never heard of it before either! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I hope to hear from you again soon!


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