Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Deja Vu & The Vineyard

Ok so I have a true life confession for everyone: I am a major nighttime television watcher.  During the week I have specific shows that I like to watch, I usually have a snack & unwind from the day at this time.  When I'm home for the summer this is something my mom & I like to do together, we hang out, watch a show or two, and talk during the commercials, we started this a long time ago & have been doing it for as long as I can remember.  So last night I painted my toenails & watched Pretty Little Liars & then Covert Affairs.  While watching both I kept seeing commercials for a new ABC Family show called 'The Vineyard', which was premiering after Cover Affairs was on.  I decided I would see what it was all about & watch it.
When I started watching I was surprised it was a reality 'docu-series', that was not what I was expecting.  The reason I used the term deja vu was because at the beginning of the show I instantly had flashbacks to "Laguna Beach" & "The Hills", the theme song is set up the exact same way as those shows were, & it has a female narrator, again, just like those shows did.  I was a big "Laguna" fan & an even bigger "Hills" fan, so I was instantly excited to keep watching.  The show is about eleven gorgeous twenty somethings who all work at The Black Dog (tavern, shop, & docks) on Martha's Vineyard & most live in 'The Black Dog' House, as they are only there for the summer, but others live elsewhere as they live on the island all year round.
The Shop
The Cast

The show is going to document the trials & tribulations of living & working together, & the difference between the visitors & the islanders in the summer time.  Last night's episode was comprised of move in, sunbathing, work, & a party thrown by their bosses.  In the episode you can already see cliques forming (among both the girls & guys), & a little bit of fighting.  A few things are definite from this first episode & they are that there is going to be a lot of drama, romance, fighting, working, partying, & hot shirtless guys.  After watching I could already tell what girls are going to be little biotches & what guys are going to be major tools.  This show is something very different for ABC Family, &  I am really liking it.  On their website you can check out the cast, watch the episode, & a couple other fun things.  If you were a fan of "Laguna Beach", "The Hills", or are looking for a good show to watch I would definitely recommend checking this one out.  I cannot wait to see next week's episode!

Did you watch "The Vineyard" last night?
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  1. i was wondering about this show, i never really watched the hills or laguna. i'll check this one out, but i wish it was a scripted show and not "reality"

    1. I was so confused when I started watching because I thought it was scripted! It's pretty good though!


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