Monday, July 1, 2013

Fab New Handbag

A few weeks back I purchased a handbag from, I got the bag above,  the Gallivant.  Since I signed up to be a member I got 50% off my first purchase so my bag was only $19.95 (originally $39.95).  I was a little skeptical since the bag was so inexpensive, but all the bags on website had great reviews so I went for it.  I am really glad I got this bag, it looks like I spent a lot more on it then I did, the bag looks very luxe & the leather is really soft.  It is a nice size with plenty of room to carry everything I need.  Additionally, the color is a fabulous nude that goes with everything.  I took off the two side handles & put on the shoulder strap, so I can wear it slung over my shoulder, as I prefer to wear my handbags.  This bag is slouchier & less structured then the bags that I usually wear & thats what I really like about it.  It is cool & relaxed, & adds a little edge to my outfits.  Overall, I am really happy with my purchase form Just Fab, their quality is beyond what I expected, their prices are reasonable, & they ship quickly for free.  I would definitely recommend this website to everyone.  

Have you ever purchased from Just Fab?

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