Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crazy About Braids

I love all different braids for hair--lace, french, fishtail, etcetera, they are hands down one of my favorite hair styles.  Braids are a great option for summer, when the heat & humidity are high, causing hair to frizz.  One of the great things about braids is you can opt to put up as much or as little of your hair as you want, & my personal favorite thing about braids is that they help to keep your hair out of your face.  Braids have been big for years now, & many celebs are have been seen sporting them recently.  

(Top Left: Julianne Hough, Top Right: Maria Menounos, Bottom Lea Michele)
One of my personal favorite braids is the lace braid, which I learned a couple of years ago from a tutorial on BellaSugar beauty blog, click the link for video tutorial.  Here is me rocking one a few years back:
Also if you're not the best braider you can always do a basic braid, in a variety of different ways.
One braid I can never seem to get though is the fishtail braid, which of course I love.  However, the lovely Lauren Conrad has a great tutorial for a how to do a fishtail on her beauty website The Beauty Department.
Braids have been around for a while & don't seem to be going anywhere, so with all these great options and styles, which ones will you be sporting?

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