Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beauty Review: Lush Angels on Bare Skin

Have you ever been to Lush?  If not you're missing out!  It's this awesome all natural cosmetic company from the UK, that makes amazing products.  I've tried a few different things from the company, but right now I am going to talk about one of their facial cleansers Angels on Bare Skin ($13.95-$28.95 on their website or sold by the pound in stores).
As you can see from the picture it's a solid cleanser, you use a pea size amount for each application & then use it to wash your face like you would any other cleanser.  It has many great & helpful ingredients, & this is the company's description of the cleanser:


For heavenly soft and balanced skin, take a smidge of Angels on Bare Skin, mix with a little water and massage in. The kaolin clay base deep cleanses while ground almonds gently exfoliate the dead skin away. Rose and lavender are added to soothe and help balance out combination skin. It's our best selling preservative-free and packaging-free daily cleanser for all skin types, so if you don't know which cleanser to choose and it's heavenly skin you're after, start with Angels.
It does a really good job scrubbing your skin in a very gentle way.  Since it has so many natural components, it's much nicer to scrub your face with (& smells much better!) then other harsh facial scrubs.  Additionally, every time I use it I feel like I am doing something good for my skin.  I have been using this product for about 2 years, & loved it so much that I even got my younger sister turned onto it.  I have tried so, so, so many facial scrubs and this is hands down my favorite one.

What Lush products have you tried?

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