Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrity Style Obsession: Blake Lively

I figured there was no better person to use as my first 'Celebrity Style Obsession' then the ever stylish Blake Lively.  She is not only a lucky girl because she is married to the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds, but because she has an amazing fashion sense.  Blake does not use a stylist, instead opting to put together all of her incredibly chic outfits by herself because of her love of fashion.  She plays with different colors & silhouettes, consistently nailing her looks.  Lively is not afraid to wear something daring or unique, & always manages to pull it off.  Her innate sense of style has won the friendship & adoration of many in the fashion world including Christian Louboutin, who she counts as a close friend.  Below are my favorite looks of Blake's, these outfits were worn to a variety of different places from the Met Gala to running errands to movie premieres, & each of these pictures demonstrate just how stylish she is.

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