Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January 2016 on Instagram

In my opinion January flew by!  I feel like Christmas was just yesterday, but in reality it is almost Valentine's Day!  I was sick all through January so I tried have a pretty low key month.  Last month included the new year, the start of a new semester, and my 24th birthday, so there was plenty to keep me busy.  Below I have a recap of my January through Instagram, if you're not following me (@theblushblonde) make sure to do that now!

I had the cutest tassel garland that I picked up on clearance at Target to kick off the New Year.  Pink and gold is one of my favorite color combinations and this garland actually matches my bedroom at home perfectly!

These were some of the super cute gifts I got for Christmas.  The book along with an eyeshadow palette and a sheet mask (not pictured) were from my lovely Tutu Tuesday co-host Jordyn who knows me so well!  The yummy candle and adorable ring holder were from my Tutu Tuesday Secret Santa, a blogger gift exchange that Jordyn and I hosted in December.

Since I was sick over the holidays I was a little behind on baking my Christmas cookies.  No matter what is going on though I have to make gingerbread cookies because I love them and it's the only time of year that I make them.  I made the dough in advance and in the beginning of the month my Mom and I rolled out cookies together, which was so much fun.  I have these awesome cookie cutters that you can use to spell out words (similar ones can be found here) and this is always my go to message to share!

The worst part about Winter Break being over was having to leave this little cutie at home!  Since I was sick I spent most of my break in bed snuggling with Coco and watching Netflix so I was sad to say goodbye to her.

For Christmas the people my sister babysits for got a Maltese/Yorkie mix named Chips.  My sister took me over to meet him one day and he is the absolute cutest!  Coco is a Maltese and he looks exactly like she did as a puppy just tan, which was so funny.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I am obsessed with my school's basketball team.  We're a big basketball school so during the season it's so much fun!  This was my outfit one night for watching one of our conference games.

I have a lot of food allergies and only recently found out that I can drink champagne and have been obsessed with it ever since.  To celebrate my birthday I found these adorable mini bottles.  Unfortunately the blizzard was on my birthday so I had to reschedule my birthday dinner, but my little came over and we had sushi and champagne to celebrate, which was so much fun!

My birthday blizzard resulted in this beautiful picture that one of my sorority sister's took!  Campus turns into the most gorgeous winter wonderland every time it snows and it's just too pretty not to capture.

We got so much snow it was crazy!  This was after some of it had already melted, but it was still so deep that I had to go walk in it.

This was taken when I had dinner at Snap Custom Pizza, which was my first time there.  I don't know how I hadn't been there before, the food is absolutely delicious!  If you're Philadelphia area I definitely recommend checking this out!

So this was my January in pictures!  Come check me out on Instagram (@theblushblonde) and follow along with me to see more of what's here!  How was your January?

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  1. Holy yum that pizza looks amazing! And where do you go to school? Your campus looks like something out of a fairy tale!

  2. I love that Winter Wonderland photo!!!! Just magical!


  3. HAHA I love that bitch cookie. So freaking cute. That makes me want to go get those type of cookie cutters! These would be so fun to make and personalize for Valentines Day!

    Marie Huang
    Progression By Design


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