Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beauty Confessions

I thought it would be fun to put a little spin on the traditional confessional and share some beauty confessions today.  We all have crazy things we do for beauty, things we hate doing for beauty, and some mishaps we've had along the way when it comes to beauty, read below for a few of mine!

|  ONE  |
I confess that I hate washing my hair.  I find it to be so much work, take so much time, and just be an overall pain in the butt.  I hate everything from washing and conditioning it to putting in products and styling it.  I try to go as long as I can between shampoos (without being gross!) and am a major fan of dry shampoo.

|  TWO  |
I confess that I'm terrified of curling irons.  When I was a little girl I climbed up on the closed toilet to watch my Mom do her hair and makeup, we had a small bathroom and her curling iron was warming up on the back on the toilet, while I was climbing to sit I fell, reached out for something, and grabbed onto the hot curling iron.  I burned my hand really badly and lost all of the skin on it, while I (thankfully) don't have any physical scars from the accident I still have emotional ones.  I can use a curling wand, but am still afraid of curling irons to this day.

|  THREE  |
I confess that I'm really bad at remembering to wash my makeup brushes.  I'm usually a neat freak, but I always remember that I need to wash my brushes when I can't actually do it and then just never get around to it.  I'm actually really hopping that writing this will help me to actually do it this week!

|  FOUR  |
I confess that even though I love beauty I'm not a huge fan of wearing a ton of makeup.  I have a really simple everyday makeup routine and then I just add to that based on where I'm going.  When I have a full face of makeup on though I usually can't wait to take it all off at the end of the night.

|  FIVE  |
I confess that I sleep in gloves sometimes.  My hands get super dry so from time to time I like to put Vaseline or coconut oil on my hands and sleep in cotton gloves that seal in the moisture.

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  1. I was just about to google how to wash my makeup brushes. I have never done it... it's a disgusting thought to think that I am just NOW deciding it is time and my makeup brushes are atleast a year old. Any tips?


  2. My dermatologist just recommended me putting thick cream on my hands and wearing gloves to bed! I've never even heard of that before!

  3. I hate washing my hair too! I wait as long as I can and even in the summer I don't want to swim if I just washed my hair! hahaha.

    Lilies and Lattes

  4. So fun to read your beauty confessions. I think beauty products are so much fun but I don't wear many either. Whenever I get my makeup done at Sephora I scrub my face like crazy to get it all off before I go to bed and every time I think "do real people do this every day??? HOW?". Washing hair is just awful, I always wish I could go longer without washing it without it looking totally gross.


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