Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Ten: Favorite Snapchat Accounts

I love how bloggers have been using Snapchat to give a behind the scenes look at their lives (make sure to add me kthomp22!).  I think it's really cool to get a glimpse at the real lives of people and what they have going on.  I follow different bloggers and celebrities and while they're all great I do have my favorites.  Today I have for you my ten favorite Snapchat accounts, which in my opinion are must follows.

Emily Gemma
Emily from The Sweetest Thing is a very avid Snapchatter and really gives an inside look into her life with her husband and too cute pup Fitz.  She shares different beauty tips, shows you all of her travels, and even lists items for sale.  A few days ago she did a Snapchat Q&A with answers from followers that was really great way to learn more about her!

Amber Fillerup
Amber from Barefoot Blonde has the most cutest Snapchat!  She's always Snapchatting her adorable kids and pup on their daily adventures.  I really get a kick out of her son and his toddler shenanigans - he's hysterical!  You will also get to see all of her travels and the awesome fashion and beauty events she attends.

Taylor Wolfe
Taylor from The Daily Tay has the funniest Snapchat out there.  I literally laugh out loud every time I watch her Snaps because they are that funny.  She makes fun of typical blogger problems and is always Snapping her dog, Harlow.  You need to follow her now, you will love it.

Caitlin Lindquist
Caitlin from Dash of Darling has one of the realist blogger Snapchats out there and I love her for it.  She Snapchats her travels, her day to day life, and her cute dogs, but she also shares her struggles with fertility, which I think is incredibly brave.  I always love hearing what Caitlin has to say and I am always cheering for her!

Emily Schuman
Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere gives you a real behind the scenes look at her life with her Snapchats.  She Snaps just what's going on at the Cupcakes and Cashmere headquarters and all of the products she loves.  She also shares pictures and videos of her adorable daughter and life at home.

Rachel Parcell
Rachel from Pink Peonies is always Snapchatting and shares her life at home with her followers.  I love watching her cute daughter Isla and their pup together, what is cuter than a baby and a dog?!  You also get to see her travels, what goes on behind her blog, and a lot of quality time with her big family.

Emily Jackson
Emily from Ivory Lane (who is Rachel's sister!) uses her Snapchat to show everyone her life at home.  She has two kids and two pups, which are adorable!  My favorite is watching her son with their new puppy Max, they like to get into mischief together, which is so funny.  Emily also shares time she spends with her extended family and all of their adventures.

Julia Engel
Julia from Gal Meets Glam Snapchats her daily life in San Francisco with her husband, and their travels.  I love seeing her Snaps when she is traveling because she goes so many amazing places and documents it really well.  It's also awesome to see her day to day life because you get to see her casual and funny sides.

Sydney Carver
Sydney from Summer Wind gives you an inside look at her life with her Snapchat.  I really love when she shares her fashion and beauty opinions on new products she's gotten.  She also shares her travels, her favorite music, nights out with friends, sneak peeks at blog posts, and what's going on in her day to day life.

Carly Heitlinger
Carly of The College Prepster shares her life in Connecticut on her Snapchat.  There are so many adorable videos and pictures of her dog Teddy, which are great to watch.  She also shares adventures of life as a twentysomething, her travels, and time with her boyfriend.

So these are all of my favorite Snapchats!  What accounts are your favorites?!

Make sure to add me on Snapchat - @kthomp22!
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  1. I'm going to have to start following some of these. I just joined Snapchat not too long ago (late, I know). It's fun to use!

  2. I love following different bloggers on Snap Chat! I have been trying to post more on mine as well! I followed you! Mine is mariepbd if you were interested :) Excited to link up today!

    Marie Huang
    Progression By Design

  3. Some lovely photos here! My weekly fashion blogger link up has just gone live and I would love you to pop over and link this post if you get a chance :)


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