Friday, January 22, 2016

24 Birthday Wishes From My Blogger Bestie

Jordyn (of the fabulous The Fairy Princess Diaries) and I have been blogger besties for a while now and we became friends when we realized just how much we have in common.  I would say one of the funniest things that we have in common is that we're both January babies and our birthdays are less than a week apart!  Last year we started a fun tradition by switching blogs for our birthdays so that we could celebrate each other from all the way across the country (she's on the West Coast and I'm on the East Coast!).  I'm so happy that we decided to keep the tradition going this year - last Friday I guest posted for her birthday and today she is taking over for mine!  Jordyn wrote the absolute sweetest post and I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up a bit because I was so touched by her kind words, seriously she is the sweetest!  Without any further ado I'm going to allow Jordyn to take over so that I can get to celebrating! xoxo Kristin


Today a very special girl turns 24. One of the most difficult part about the blogging community is the physical distance between the close friendships we cultivate. Kristin has become a real friend to me over the years and it is so disappointing I can't see her in person to celebrate the day she was born. I'm sure many of you can relate to the feeling of wishing you could gather up all your blogger besties the way you can with your friends in your home city or state. Today I want to give Kristin a virtual birthday celebration! Happy 24th Birthday Kristin!

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So far I don't know much about being 24 (I turned 24 on Sunday, and Kristin kindly wrote the sweetest birthday post for my blog) but I know there are gifts, experiences and emotions I wish for someone as sweet and lovely as Kristin! Last year I shared 23 wishes for the Birthday Princess, this year I want to share an updated version.


1.I hope you relish your last bit of undergrad, embrace the chaos that is senior year of college and don't wish it away. College is challenging, and frustrating and sometimes discouraging but the grown-up world is too. Take too many pictures, let yourself get a little too wrapped up in sorority drama and wear yoga pants to class sometimes (because you can)!

2. Blow your savings on a cute new Tory Burch bag, or tickets to a Taylor Swift concert or a girl's weekend with your bestie because as we decided being a "real grown up" starts at 25.

3. I hope you have many opportunities to stay up late watching Gossip Girl reruns and sleep in on Sunday morning cuddling with your puppy.

4. And that this year offers new experiences (good and bad, but mostly good) that help you realize who you are, define what you want and become even stronger than you already are.

5. Take every opportunity to overdress for the occasion, I don't think Kate Middleton ever feels awkward for being the best dressed in the room (real princesses don't).

6. Dance the night away with your girlfriends without ever worrying if you're going to scuff your flats or get a blister or two from your heels.

7. Forget about the boys who send mixed signals, who only text you after 10:00pm and who drool over you like a dog with a steak. You are beautiful and smart and capable. Being single doesn't mean you aren't fabulous, and dating the wrong guy is always regrettable.

8. No matter what our friends are doing, focus on yourself and your happiness before developing diamond ring tunnel vision. Planning a wedding is surely a whole lot of fun, but having an established life you can call your own before settling down is so, so powerful.

9. May your closet be as trendy as Kendall Jenner's and your selfies be as glamourous as Gigi Hadid's.

10. I hope your hair always looks as perfect as Amber Fillerup's braids.

11. Let this year be the year you say "yes" to adventure and perhaps to a few cute new handbags as well.

12. Kiss sadness goodbye and stay positive whenever possible. When you can't be positive, take a hot bath. It's okay to let yourself fall apart as long as you pick yourself back up.

13. Even though we probably can't be Victoria's Secret Angels (still not accepting this as fact) I hope you feel as gorgeous and glamourous as an angel everyday. You're stunning, but your true beauty shines even brighter from within and even a bad hair day can't take that away.

14. May your Mondays be as memorable as your Fridays.

15. And even your worst day be better than the bad days you had at 23.

16. Don't forget the people who love you, and never be afraid to turn to them when life feels irritating, confusing or a little bit scary. I'm only a text message away!

17. I hope Taylor and Blake invite you on their next Australian theme park adventure (and then you persuade them to let me tag along too).

18. May your kitchen always be filled with homemade cookies and cupcakes and sweets (and may you never gain a single pound).

19. Continue laughing off the weirdos of the world (like the couples who want you to be their girlfriend) and shaking off the haters (it's what Taylor Swift would want).

20. Strive for greatness, outline your goals, celebrate your successes but don't be too hard on yourself if you fail. Being 23 was hard and I imagine 24 won't be much easier. Learn from your bad days, they make the good days feel so much better.

21. Appreciate the beauty of the snow (hello, gorgeous Instagram photos), dance in the rain and never forget to find magic in the ordinary. Creating your own sunshine makes life feel that much more glorious.

22. Read Vogue religiously, shamelessly obsess over Cosmo and remember you're only 24 once, life doesn't have to be all Wall Street Journal serious all the time.

23. Book a ticket to Seattle, or California and spend a blogger bestie weekend with me. This one is more of a demand than a wish, please...pretty please?!

24. Wishing you a birthday cake you can eat without any allergic reactions and unlimited champagne to add sparkles and bubbles to the start of this next chapter!


Thank you for being such a wonderful friend Kristin. Your kindness is a gift to both me and the blogging community. I'm looking forward to seeing where you're headed this year!


  1. What a fun idea! Happy Birthday!

  2. This is sooo sweet! Can we decide that being a real grown up starts at 26 though haha!? Not ready for that! ;)

  3. Happy Birthday girl! I am so happy we became blogging friends and I know we will meet in real life some day soon! Have the best day celebrating, I can't wait to hear all about it <3

  4. Oh gosh, I hope being a grown-up doesn't start at 25 because I'm going to be 28 in a week and I most definitely am still NOT a grown-up!! Happy birthday, sweet girl!

  5. Awwwwww I love this post!!! So sweet! Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. So sweet! Happy birthday, girly!

    xo Kylie


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