Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Ultimate Birthday Playlist

Tomorrow is my birthday and I couldn't be more excited!  I'm having dinner and drinks with my friends tomorrow night to celebrate and while I get ready I definitely want to have some good music to get me in a birthday mood.  I thought it would be fun to put together an "Ultimate Birthday Playlist" with songs that are all about birthday fun.  When I started to put together my list I realized just how many good birthday music there is and I can't wait to listen to it tomorrow!  Below is my awesome birthday playlist - make sure to save it for when your birthday comes!

Click here to listen to all of the songs on the playlist!

What are your favorite songs to celebrate your birthday to?

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  1. I love all of your birthday song choices! I have a select few songs that I listen to every year on my birthday too! One of my favorites is "Six Feet Under" by No Doubt. It just makes me happy every time I listen to it. Happy belated birthday!

    Marie Huang
    Progression By Design

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