Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Challenge: Day 4

I've been really looking forward to sharing this one!  I think giving some insight into my childhood is a super fun thing to do.  So when  I got to thinking about the first thing I actually remember I got confused.  I am one of those people that cannot tell if things they know about from their early childhood because someone told them about it or because they actually remember it.  So I had to think about the first thing that I very clearly remember...

The year was 1994 & my Mom was pregnant with my sister Bridget.  I was so so so excited to be a big sister, like over the moon happy about it.  I very strongly remember being pumped to have a sibling.  So my parents decided to sit me down at the dinner table one night to discuss what we were going to name my little sister.  I was that little nugget that was just bursting with joy over anything baby talk & I felt so special that we were talking about baby names.

So I was sitting there very impatiently waiting for my parents to start telling me what their picks were for my new baby sister's name.  Well before my Mom could even say anything my Dad bursts out, "We've decided to name your sister Booger!"  Well after that moment all hell broke loose & I completely lost my shit.  At almost 3 years old I did not understand that my Dad was joking, & I was devastated that I thought my parents were naming my sister Booger.  I flipped out & started crying hysterically, I just remember repeatedly saying in between sobs, "You can't name her that!!!!"

Well I'm not sure exactly how long it took my Mother to calm me down, but I know it took her quite some time to convince me that they were not naming my sister Booger.  I also remember my Mom being very mad at my Dad over his little joke, well not so much about the joke, but about the events it caused.  After that I don't really remember what happened, but my sister is named Bridget, not Booger so apparently it all worked out.

Well that is my earliest childhood memory, & I love that every time I think about it it makes me laugh.  So between that & the fact that my sister has a good name everything really worked out well in the end, even if it did take me a few years to catch on to the fact that my Dad was joking with me that night!

The Challenge:

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  1. Oh how sweet! I love that picture of you feeding her. You guys were adorable.

  2. Haha, that is hilarious! It is really cute that you were so excited to become a big sister.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Booger??!??!!! What kind of a joke is this with the little you! I'm totally behind you :))
    You've got a very nice blog, dear! I like the diversity of your posts :)
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin? I'd love to ❤


  4. So cute <3


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