Friday, March 14, 2014


| One |
I confess that I am loving all the extra sunlight so much that I don't mind that we lost that hour on Sunday (especially now that I've had almost a week to adjust).

| Two |
I confess that I can't decide which celebrity look from this week is my favorite.  I narrowed it down to these three & think you guys should decide.

Jessica Alba in Cushnie et Ochs at her Nylon cover party in West Hollywood
Maria Menounos in Stella & Jamie at at the opening of the Emerson College Campus in Los Angeles
Emmy Rossum in Vera Wang at a screening of "Need for Speed" in New York City

| Three |
I confess that I cannot get enough of the Reese's Eggs & may buy enough to last me until the next Reese's shaped candy comes out because they are filled with more peanut butter then the regular cups, & that makes them a million times better.

| Four |
I confess that I am really sad that Villanova Men's Basketball lost yesterday in the Big East Tournament.  Can you say major disappointment?  (This whole loving sports thing is still relatively new to me, which makes the loss that much worse #yesimdramatic.)

| Five |
I confess that I am so freaking happy it's finally Friday, & that the weekend is here.  To celebrate #backthatazzup with my latest song obsession:

Today I'm linking up with Five on Friday, & I Wore Yoga Pants to Work.


  1. Hey Kristin! I am soo happy about the extra hour of day light! A gal can certainly get used to that! :) hagw lovely! xx

  2. I love college hoops and March Madness!

    I like Alba's look the best. Great color on her.

  3. Reese's eggs are the best!!



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