Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Must Haves of the Moment

I got these for Christmas a few years back & while I have always loved them, I have been wearing them on repeat lately.  They are so comfy & cute that they have become my go to earrings for everything.
My skin has been super sensitive for the past few weeks so I switched to this lotion & it has seriously helped to calm it down.
This lip balm tastes like a PiƱa Colada (it's so yummy!), & also makes your lips super soft, which is why I use it like a million times a day.
I used to use this a few years ago & cannot remember why I stopped.  About a month or so ago I picked it up when I was browsing CVS & it has been doing wonders for my skin.  It's been especially helpful with fighting the acne on my chest, which has been a troublesome spot for me recently.
These are my go to snack lately!  My stomach has been bugging me a lot & these really help to calm it down (I seriously carry them around in a little baggie in my purse for a snack!).  In my opinion they are the best gluten free pretzels out there.  They're also great to dip in peanut butter or chocolate if you're looking to add a little something extra!
I cannot have the classic Canada Dry Ginger Ale (I'm fructose intolerant & it's filled with high fructose corn syrup), but I don't even care about Canada Dry anymore because this stuff is so good.  It's all natural & made with cane sugar, instead of corn syrup, & also helps with a stomach ache!
I go on this app like five million times a day to keep up with the insane weather we have been experiencing in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.  You never know if it's going to be warm, cool, freezing, snowing, raining, or God knows what else, so in order to be dressed for the weather I just repeatedly check the forecast.  Right now I absolutely cannot live without this.
I got this from Santa at Christmas & absolutely love it.  It is the perfect peachy-bronze color that instantly warms up my skin tone, & it has pretty good staying power (which is big for me!).  I really need to do an entire post on this because it is that great.
I always thought that the skin around my eyes was very oily, until I was at Sephora & the lady that was helping me with eye makeup pointed out that it was actually very dry.  A few weeks before I had been at Sephora my mother had purchased this cream, & it was not working for her the way she had wanted.  She had literally barely used it so she gave it to me to see if it would work better for me.  Well it has worked wonders & the skin around my eyes is now in much better shape, look for a post on this as well in the next few weeks!

So these are the things that I cannot live without right now (yes I'm dramatic!).  What are your must haves of the moment?


I have one last exciting announcement before I go!  The winner of my Krisi Miller Love Letters Banner Giveaway is...

Kristin M.!
Congrats Kristin!  Krisi will be contacting you with all the info on receiving your prize!  Thank you so much to everyone who entered!


  1. I have been so in love with my Benefit Rockateur blush, I want coralista really bad! perfect for spring.

    And I'm in CT so I hear you with the weather, oomph, can it just be spring already?

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. Dickinson's is a part of my daily routine!

    My musts of the moment: Jan Marini facial self tanner, Sugar Fresh lip balms, Aveeno moisturizing oil.

    Stopping by from NE Bloggers FB page!

  3. A) I love most any bow earrings
    B) I am so glad someone else knows of Boylan. I mainly stick with their pineapple and orange soda varieties, but something about drinking from glass makes everything takes crisper, eh?
    C) my must have is a must wait to have... A nearly $1300 leather and floral jacket from the BCBG Spring '14 lookbook

  4. I love my weather channel app! It's perfect and has really accurate forecasts.

    xoxo, Sydney

  5. Those pretzels I go through a bag every 2 days. They are best IMO of the GF snacks!

  6. I am so with you - I could not live without the Weather Channel app right now. The weather has been absolutely crazy lately!

    Fizz and Frosting


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