Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Girl Crush: Lauren Conrad

So I have a confession of a longtime girl crush: Lauren Conrad.  Everything about her is just perfection & her life seems so dreamy.  I would not mind walking a day (or a few) in her fab shoes.  I feel like a lot of girls around my age feel this way, & feel like we've 'grown up' with Lauren Conrad since we've 'known' her since her senior year of high school.  I know I've talked about her before, but I wanted today I wanted to talk about why Ms. Conrad is majorly girl crush worthy.

1. She’s super driven.
Lauren used her reality television fame to create a wildly successful empire.  While a lot of people would have fizzled after a run on a show like "Laguna Beach" (& many of her cast mates did), Lauren was smart & capitalized on the opportunities she was given.  Since she was in high school she has been working, & it has seriously paid off.  She is an intensely motivated entrepreneur who runs countless thriving businesses.

2. She’s an amazing writer.
Have you read her "L.A Candy" or "The Fame Game" novels?  If you haven't you are missing out!  They are so well written & addictive reads.  She also has a "Style" book & a "Beauty" book, which are guides filled with her personal tips & tricks on both topics.  They are full of so much great information that comes in very handy.

3. She’s not afraid to put herself out there.
The girl started her career on reality television--& not some trashy game show or something like that.  She was willing to put herself out there to see what would come from allowing cameras to film her senior year of high school.  When she did this reality TV was still pretty unchartered territory, especially the type of reality TV that "Laguna Beach" was, & I think that doing that was pretty brave.  She then allowed TV cameras to film her first few years as an adult in the real world, something that is scary enough without the whole world watching (& commenting on it!).  Her willingness to put herself out there landed up paying off big time for her!

4. She’s a girl’s girl.
She's always had tons of girlfriends & is a true girls girl.  From watching her on TV & reading interviews she seems like one of those girls that is always there for her friends & is fiercely loyal to them.

5. She’s an every girl.
She seems like someone that could be your best friend & that you could go shopping with.  She seems down to earth, & fun.  She inspires to you to work harder so you can achieve your dreams like she has.

6. She is super stylish.
Check out my post all about her amazing style here!

7. She’s classy.
She's always so poised & proper.  She's curated this super chic lifestyle that oozes sophistication.

8. That hair.
Her hair is always perfect!  So shiny, so lush, so long!  I have some major hair envy here.

9. She’s got adorable pups that she rescued.
She's a great mama to two super cute little fur babies, that she rescued!

10. Her & her fiancé are adorable.
We watched Lauren's dating life chronicled on "The Hills", we saw her ups & downs, & were all always cheering for her.  I'm so happy that she finally found her 'Prince Charming' & cannot wait to see their wedding (which is going to be Pinterest perfect)!

So these are all the reasons that Lauren is major girl crush material.  You should totally go watch some old seasons of "The Hills" on Netflix because I may be doing just that later.

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  1. Well, you just made her my official girl crush too!

  2. I've never really been a fan of LC, but I really respect her as a business woman.

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  3. Cute post!
    x Courtney

  4. It seems we share a girl crush. ;)
    I love pretty much everything about Lauren Conrad. She's just an all 'round gorgeous person.

    Much love. xx

  5. I love Lauren Conrad also! She writes very well, as I love both her Beauty and Style books, and her blog! They're all great reads!

    xo Sydney

  6. Love Lauren!!!


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