Friday, February 21, 2014


| One | 
I confess that I did some shopping this week for a sponsored post that I have coming up, & that I am beyond excited to share everything about it with all of you.  It's something really awesome that I love & know you will too!  I hate having to wait to share stuff like this!

| Two |
I confess that I think I want to do some blog design tweaks.  I have been thinking about changing it up for a while but cannot decide what I want to do/where I want to start.  All I do know is that keeping my sketch is a must.

| Three |
I confess that I really wouldn't mind running away right now.  I just have some things going on that are giving me anxieties & I would really rather not deal with them so heading to a tropical island sounds like a much better plan.

| Four |
I confess that I have been eating really poorly lately, I have been a junk food queen & it is making me feel gross.  I also have no motivation to stop, but need to get some ASAP.

| Five |
I confess that I am so sad that Gracie Gold did not place at the Olympics, she is super talented & literally looks like 'Figure Skating Barbie'.  My heart broke when she fell, but I'm hoping she'll be able to place in 2018.  Also I'm a really terrible person who was secretly happy when Julia Lipnitskaia fell because the Olympics have really brought out my competitive streak & American pride.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Oh my terrible is it that when she fell, I felt a sigh of relief?! I was just pulling so hard for our U.S. girls... oh well! I've loved the Olympics anyway!
    xo A Southern Style

  2. Haha ohmogoodness that last one was HILARIOUS! I always feel bad when people fall but at the same time isn't that the reason we watch the Olympics? ;) You definitely have to keep your sketch because I completely love it

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  3. I loved watching the figure skating olympics, I mean I loved her routine, besides the fall. Great post, have a lovely weekend!


  4. I will gladly go to a tropical island also! This week has just been... hard. I loved watching the figure skating, it does bring out a good dose of US pride!


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