Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Diva Turns 6

This little nugget turns 6 today!
Getting a dog is the best thing my family ever did & we are all so in love with Coco.  I cannot believe that she has been with us for almost 6 years; it seems like we got her yesterday, but at the same time I feel like we've had her forever.  Coco is sweet, friendly, & gives unconditional love.  She is also the queen of snuggling especially when we're sleeping.  Coco has quite the personality & is often very sassy, yet above all she is very spoiled & a true diva.  Coco is a wonderful dog & we are so happy to get to celebrate her birthday with her!  Here is her birthday wish list that is fit for a queen.

Club Monaco  /  Louis Vuitton  /  Ralph Lauren
Louis Vuitton  /  Tails in the City  /  Tails in the City

Well this is the list of things that she asked for.  Now do you see what I mean?  Pure diva.  Oh well I hope she's happy with some extra love & treats to celebrate the big day!  One of her birthday wishes did come true though - I got to come home for her birthday!  

Yesterday we lost power & heat at school at about 9:00 AM, classes were cancelled so I figured I would pile on some blankets, go back to sleep & hopefully when I woke up the power would be back on.  I was so wrong.  The entire time I was sleeping I kept getting woken up by people running down the hallway screaming, but I just assumed it was people being excited for the snow day.  Then when I got up around 12:30 there were 5 emails from the school announcing that the entire university had lost power & heat, that they do not know when it will be restored, & that school would also be cancelled for today.  I then called my Mom to fill her in, & while I was on the phone with her my RA knocked on my door to tell me that they were asking us to leave the resident halls (because they were expecting the buildings to start to drop below 20 degrees!) & that he was on his way out.   So I called my Mom, & she & I decided that my Dad would have to come get me.  

School post Monday's snow storm, pre Wednesday's insanity.

Well in the time that I was waiting for him to come get me (don't worry my room was still pretty warm!) it felt like all hell broke loose.  We got a few additional emails 'updating' us, asking us to go home (repeatedly) & announcing that school would also be cancelled for tomorrow.  People were running around the building freaking out, people were grabbing things & just getting in their cars, cars were flying through the parking lot, & there was a mass exit from campus that apparently was showcased on the Philadelphia news (I say apparently because I didn't have power to see it).  The school was trying to work on getting more back up generators because the generators in the dorms are only for emergency hall lights & the fire alarms.  By the time I had left they had opened one of the dining halls with a generator so it had heat, food, & places for people to charge their electronics.  However when I spoke with a friend before I left she was telling me that they were running out of food & that the dining hall was so overcrowded that they were asking people to leave.  In subsequent emails they have said that they have secured a few more generators & that another building will be up & running for tomorrow.

I have friends that live 6+ hours away that decided to go home, & girls in my sorority are in hotels because it is too cold to be at school; I offered to take people home, but everyone just wanted to go to their house which I completely understand.  It was so nice when I finally got home to the heat & light!  I live right where Hurricane Sandy hit very badly & the power outages at school were giving me deja vu.  It's just craziness that all of this went on in such a short period of time, a snow day turned into a disaster so quickly, & when I woke up yesterday morning I had no idea I would be sleeping at home last night!  Thankfully we live so close & I have such great parents who came to get me.  It's nice to be home & have a little unexpected break from school.  It's also great that I get to spend Coco's birthday with her so I can shower her with love & attention!

Where you live did you get hit by any storms?  It seems like the Northeast has been taking a beating this winter!

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  1. Awwww, happy birthday coco!


  2. Is Coco a Maltese or part Maltese? She's sooo cute! Her little ears...

    Wow, that sounds so chaotic! (And a little bit scary.) I'm in NC, and the weather has been...well, no snow as of right now; it's supposed to be in the 50s this week.

  3. Happy birthday Coco, she is so precious!! xxo

  4. Happy, happy birthday to Coco! I love her list!

  5. Happy birthday Coco!

    Can't believe that mass off snow! Keep safe!


  6. Happy Birthday to your pup!

  7. Happy Birthday to Coco! I hope she gets everything on her list! And ugh yes I live in Boston and I am so incredibly sick of winter at this point!

  8. Hello dear, beautiful blog and great list :) Happy Birthday to Coco!!! i follow you with pleasure on GFC, bloglovin, instagram and facebook, if you want to pass by me :)

    kiss Tea

  9. That spoiled dog wants the world. I swear I treat my dog better than anyone, so I'm sure she will have an A-mazing bday.

  10. So, I tried to comment on this yesterday and it would post. grr. Anyways, Happy Birthday Coco!


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