Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Do

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So on Thursday I'm getting my haircut, I really love my hairstylist & won't go to anyone else, which means I have to plan my haircuts around when I am home.  I have been going to my hairstylist for 9 years now, which is crazy!  She's so talented & I trust her so much, which is why I only go to her.  I always bring in pictures of celebrity haircuts that I like, so we can go off of them.  I've been searching the internet for a hairstyle that I want.  I don't want too big of a change, my last haircut I took off five inches because I wanted a shorter look for summer, but now I'm letting my hair grow out.  I like my side part, & I love having layers.  In my search I found a picture of Allison Williams on Allure's website in an article called "The 6 Prettiest Long Haircuts".  I instantly fell in love with her haircut, & it will be what I am bringing to my appointment on Thursday.  I had always admired Williams's amazing style, but when I read the article I realized how gorgeous her hair is. 

The article says:
"'Her hair is heavily layered around the face, with barely there layers at the back and ends,' explains hairstylist Matt Fugate. Ideal for straight textures, it's extra flattering for someone with lots of fine hair. (It gives weight so the layers don't look wimpy.) As for face shape? 'You can position the layers to flatter any shape,' explains Fugate. Start your layers at your cheekbones if you have an oval or heart-shaped face and a little above your cheekbones if you've got a square jawline, like Williams."

Here are a few more angles:
I'm not sure if I want to do the shorter layers, but I am going to see what my hairstylist says.  Finding this cut has made me even more excited to get my haircut.  It'll be so nice to start out the school year with a fresh cut!
When you get your haircut do you bring pictures with you?

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  1. I never think to bring a picture and sometimes it just ends up bad. I can't wait to see how you cut turns out!

    1. Hey Kelli! It's definitely a good way to ensure that you kind of get what you want! I'll post pictures tomorrow or Friday for sure!

  2. I really liked the photos. In our family, too, everyone prefers to go to the same masters. Even my little son loves this barbershop, where he is always greeted with a smile and gifts.

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