Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Make Easy to Use Gluten Free Flour

So as I've often shared before in my baking posts I am wheat intolerant & my sister has Celiac Disease.  Because of this I always use a gluten free flour mix, that I make myself, instead of all purpose flour when baking.  I have found that for me this mixture works really well when baking, & most people do not even know they are eating something gluten free!  I've been wanting to do a post on my gluten free flour mix for a while so that I could share it with everyone, & give them some great gluten free substitutes.  This recipe is a great alternative to the very pricey Cup4Cup Gluten Free Flour.  Gluten free eating really isn't that bad, especially when you use this.  Bonus: this flour is not only gluten free, but nut, fructose, & lactose free as well.  Keep reading for the recipe.

1 bag corn flour (I usually use Bob's Red Mill)
1 bag gluten free oat flour (I usually use Bob's Red Mill)
1 bag coconut flour (I usually use Edward & Sons-Let's Do Organic)
1 bag/box all purpose gluten free baking mix (I usually use whatever I can find, but my favorite is Bloomfield Farms Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix, which I have had great luck finding at HomeGoods) 

-Put all of the different flours together in a bowl.
-Mix until blended, it's best to use a mixer with paddle attachment. (Sometimes I have to do this in a few steps since it makes a lot of flour.) 
-Put mixture in an airtight container & use in place of all purpose flour when cooking & baking.

Do you ever bake gluten free?  If you do what flour do you use?
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