Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Celebrity Style Obsession: Pippa Middleton

So we've already discussed her sister's style, but now we need to discuss hers.  Pippa Middleton is the perfect British socialite, which shows through in her sense of style.  Pippa really favors dresses with a cardigan or jacket as a topper, & typically pairs these looks with boots or flats.  From time to time she throws in jeans or a gown & always looks gorgeous in both.  Something that people may find surprising is Pippa's love of leather jackets, which add some edge to her typically prim clothing choices.  Pippa Middleton is a fashionista in her own right & has even been known to upstage Kate (maybe even at the Royal Wedding!).  I've put together some of my favorite looks that Kate's little sister has worn, & I'll leave you to decide which Middleton sister has the better style.

Which of Pippa's looks is your favorite?


  1. I absolutely LOVE Pippa Middleton!! I adored the dress she wore to the Royal Wedding... I would wear that on my wedding day! <3

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