Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Junior Year Rundown

So my apartment at school is kind of a mess.  My attempt to be all moved in by the time classes started was a fail.  I started classes yesterday & for now it's a work in progress.  When I'm all set up I will be posting pictures, I worked really hard over the summer to get things that would make my place cute & homey, & I cannot wait to be all set up!  

As I said yesterday was my first day back to school, I am a major dork who at 21 years old still gets a "First Day of School Outfit".  At my school most people get pretty dressed up for class, this year I went for something different then I would typically pick, which I am so happy I did.  I loved my outfit.  

Dress & Belt: Smak Parlour / Shoes: MIA 
Rings: Pandora & Local Shops / Earrings: South Moon Under / Backpack: Vera Bradley

I've never brought anything with a high-low hemline, but I think this dress is adorable.  It's also super versatile & I'm thinking I will maybe be able to wear it to a sorority function if I dress it up with different accessories & heels.  The earrings I wore are one of my favorite pairs I own, & I always like to have a few rings on.  My backpack is the one that I used last year, I believe both the pattern & style are retired, but I love it.  It's tiny, but works great for me because I usually only carry around my iPad, & a few pens & pencils.  My nail polish is a gel manicure, which I am addicted to!  If you haven't gotten one, you have to soon, they are amazing.  They initially only had pinks & reds available, but they are starting to come out with fun colors like this one, which is so pretty & happened to match the accessories I chose for the day.

After I finished my classes (early!) my sister came over (she's a freshmen up the street from me!) so I could help her buy her books.  When we finished with all the school stuff we went to the King of Prussia Mall to do a little shopping & have a nice dinner.  For dinner we went to Legal Seafood, they are amazing with food allergies especially gluten & wheat issues (they even have a separate fryer!).  We both ordered off the gluten free menu & had calamari for an appetizer, then I had fried clams for dinner.

It was delish & I recommend trying it!

When we were done with dinner it was time to do a little shopping.  We headed to American Apparel so I could get something off of my back to school shopping list.

I picked up the American Apparel Shiny Legging in Lamé Black ($42.00).  The best part was that through September 2nd they are giving 10% off when you show your student id!  That was a very nice surprise.

Overall I would say I had a successful first day of classes!  How did you start off your week? 
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  1. How fun that your sister is at school with you!

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