Thursday, April 21, 2016

April Style

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1. Big Earrings
Large earrings, especially ones that are long, are huge for spring.  I love them in pastels or bright colors to make them look extra spring-y.  Start incorporating big earrings into your wardrobe now and wear them all spring and summer.

2. Romper
In my opinion rompers are a must have for all year round, but they are even more essential in the spring.  They're super chic and make getting dressed really easy since they're just one piece.  Right now I'm really liking long sleeve rompers since the weather isn't that warm yet.  The one pictured above has a gorgeous watercolor print and is perfect to wear to dinner, brunch, a party, a date, and more! 

3. Neutral Bag
Neutrals are perfect for spring because they're light and brighten up your look.  The best way to incorporate neutrals is with your bag because it will go with everything.  Right now I'm rocking this tote that I picked up a few weeks ago and it already has me feeling more seasonal.

4. Stripes
Stripes are another big trend for spring and were seen all over the runways.  I think stripes are always a favorite and are so easy to work into your wardrobe.  You can rock anything from a striped top to a striped romper and more.  I'm especially loving striped tshirt dresses right now like this one.

5. Bright Lipstick
To me nothing says spring like a bright lip.  Matte lips are my absolute favorite and these lipsticks from LancĂ´me come in beautiful colors - my top pick is a hot pink called Drive to Pink.  Pair a bright lipstick with a neutral eye so all the focus is on your lips.  Also don't forget to exfoliate before applying lipstick, you can learn my trick here!

6. Lightweight Sweater
The weather in April can be super tricky, it's warm one day and cool the next, which can make deciding what to wear difficult.  I always like to have a few lightweight sweaters on hand for this time of the year when it's a little chilly out.  I am obsessed with the one pictured above from Madewell because of the fun tassel fringe on the hem, which is also a big trend for spring.

7. Lace-up Flats
Lace-up flats are seemingly everywhere right now and it's no wonder with how cute they are!  They're best to wear with skirts, dresses, rompers, and shorts so that you can show off the tied laces.  Right now get a pair in a pastel or neutral to make them feel even more spring-y.

8. Denim
Another big trend seen on the runways (and in real life) was denim.  Denim and chambray have been big for a while now and I'm glad they're here to stay.  Denim is super versatile and goes with just about anything, which means it's really easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.  To be super on trend wear a denim outfit like jeans and a chambray shirt or the adorable denim jumpsuit pictured above.

9. Wedges
Wedges are an absolute must have for me for the warmer months.  I tend to favor neutral wedges because I can wear them with just about anything.  Pair them with everything from jeans to a dress for a chic look.

10. Off the Shoulder
You've probably seen everything from off the shoulder tops to rompers to dresses all over Pinterest and Instagram because they are huge for spring.  I haven't bought anything off the shoulder yet, but am dying to purchase something!  Pick up a piece now so you'll be on trend all season!


What are your April style essentials?

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  1. Yes to everything!! So much good things makes me want to spend spend spend! Join my weekly Weekend Wear Linkup and share your style and stories.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  2. If stripes are in style now, then I'm accidentally in style! I love stripes. I actually have to make myself not buy them sometimes because I'll buy a striped shirt and then get home and realize that I already have 11 striped shirts.

  3. Great list of items, I love the fun pom pom trim sweater.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!


  4. Love the lace-up flats!! Great list!

    Maricor |

  5. So, I have always loved blush but the fact that it is everywhere now MAKES ME SO SO SO HAPPY!! Love everything I want one or two of each lol

    Life is just Rosie


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