Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kissable Lips

I've always had super dry lips, no matter how much I moisturize them at some point they will still feel dried out, and because of this they sometimes get flakey.  With my love of matte lipsticks having flakey lips does not work; the matte lipstick just makes every flake stand out and look gross.  Once a week I try to exfoliate my lips so that they're always smooth and looking their best.  I have a little routine that I like to do when I exfoliate, which I am going to share today so that you can get super smooth lips too.  I like this routine as opposed to lip scrubs because I feel like they always get really messy and this is easier for me to do.  Trust me if you try this you will have the smoothest lips of your life and may want to test them out with some lipstick or kissing ;)!

Vaseline (I love this one!)
Clean toothbrush
Lip balm (this is my current favorite!)

-Cover dry lips in a generous coating of Vaseline.
-Take the toothbrush and starting with the bottom lip scrub in a small circular motion.  Go back and forth on your bottom lip in circles and then repeat on your top lip.  Make sure to gently brush the corners of your mouth too.
-Wet the washcloth so that it's damp, gently wipe off the Vaseline.
-Dry your lips.
-Put on lip balm.
-Enjoy your kissable lips!

Do you ever exfoliate your lips?  If you do how do you do it?

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