Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Ten: Beauty Websites

So if you've been on here before you probably know that I am a bit of a beauty addict and a major beauty product hoarder.  I think beauty is the perfect extension of fashion, and I love how it can be used to transform you.  My absolute favorite part about beauty though is skincare, I find it to be so much fun and I love how you can see the results of what you're doing.  

Since I love beauty so much I spend a lot of time doing research on it (it helps me to relax!) for personal knowledge and to get inspiration for here.  I definitely have my go-to websites for when I'm looking to do some reading and today I'm sharing my ten favorites.

Byrdie is the beauty division of Who What Wear, and my number one go-to when I want to read beauty articles.  They cover all beauty topics and often feature pieces on celebrity beauty.  Their articles are always super informative and they have the best"how-to" tutorials.
Into the Gloss
Into the Gloss is the beauty blog behind the new beauty brand Glossier.  I especially love their skincare articles and their unique pieces like this recent one on an adorable little pharmacy in NYC.
Refinery 29
I enjoy all of the topics that Refinery 29 writes on, but my favorite part of the website is of course their beauty section.  In this section they share the latest beauty trends and breaking beauty news in addition to celebrity interviews and product reviews.  You can also find beauty stories in Refinery 29's Snapchat 'Discovery' section.
Allure was the first "grown up" magazine I ever bought myself and I subscribed to it for years.  Since going away to school I had to cancel my subscription, but I love going on the website to read stories from the magazines and others that don't make it into print.  Allure is the "The Beauty Expert" and they always give great information and advice.
The Beauty Department
The Beauty Department was created by Lauren Conrad and her beauty gurus Amy Nadine and Kristin Ess.  They always have the best tutorials for hair, makeup, and nails, and make their looks easy to recreate.  This website is just like chatting with a super knowledgable best friend!
The Zoe Report
The beauty section of Rachel Zoe's website falls in line with Zoe's aesthetic.  This site discusses beauty as an extension of fashion and a part of a chic lifestyle that The Zoe Report will help you to create.
Lauren Conrad
Like Zoe's website, the Primp section on Lauren Conrad's blog falls into line with her lifestyle aesthetic.  Primp features new articles every few days so I check it less frequently than other sites I've listed.  The info on here makes you feel like you're getting article straight from a guru on living a girly chic lifestyle, and really you are since Conrad writes a lot of the articles herself!
The Coveteur
I typically land up on the beauty section of The Coveteur as a result of their awesome Pinterest account (check it out here).  The Coveteur always gives a look at the latest in beauty and shares beauty stories about the most sought after influencers.
Barefoot Blonde
Barefoot Blonde always has the most amazing hair tutorials and Amber Fillerup Clark is known for her gorgeous braids.  Whenever I'm looking to try a new hairstyle or am bored and looking to play with my hair I head to this blog.  You can also find other posts on beauty here in which Amber writes about products, tips, and more.
Violet Grey
Violet Grey is my new favorite beauty website that I actually found on Into the Gloss.  The Violet Files is the beauty magazine from Violet Grey a super luxe beauty retailer.  Articles include celebrity profiles, influencer beauty routines, beauty lessons, and more.

Do you love any beauty websites that I haven't mentioned here?  If you do let me know so I can check them out!

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  1. I didn't know about some these. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are all some of my fave go to's for beauty tips too. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma


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