Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Face Mask Reviews

My friend Kristi and I met early in the summer because she is dating one of my good guy friends from school, the day we met we instantly bonded over our love of all things beauty (and little dogs and Louis Vuitton and more!).  We are both completely obsessed with skincare and are constantly texting back and forth about different products we're trying.  Kristi knows a lot about beauty and is quite the product aficionado so I thought it would be awesome to bring you all a post from her.  Her and I have talked a lot about face masks so when she asked me what she should write about I instantly knew that she needed to tell you about some of the masks she has tried!  Without any further ado here is Kristi's post reviewing the best and worst face masks.

As a girl who always tries to keep up with the latest skincare (and beauty) trends, I have found that a major skincare favorite among women is a good face mask! There’s just something about a nice mask after a long day that really seems to wash away all of the stress! (Tip: Pair it with a good glass of wine or a hot cup of tea, and you’ve got yourself a perfect girls night!)

I have combination and sensitive skin, and it took me awhile to find a mask that I truly love! Fortunately, I was able to find a few great ones! Here are my faves, and my not so faves.

I have to say, this is the holy grail of face masks. This particular mask hardens after about 10 minutes on your face and seriously does wonders. It leaves your face feeling like silk and gives you a gorgeous glowy look! I even used it on my boyfriend, who happened to really love it, and I couldn’t believe how incredible his skin looked after using it too! It retails for about $27 and is worth every penny.

One minute is all it takes to make your skin feel amazing! Once this product is on wet skin, it heats up and creates an extremely relaxing effect! I really wish I could leave it on longer! Not only does this mask feel amazing and leave my skin looking great, the price is right! This retails for around $6.99 and can be purchased at your local drugstore. Totally worth the buy!

This mask was recommended to me by Kristin (aka The Blush Blonde) and I seriously love it! For about $7.99, you get one pound of dried clay that literally will last you forever. After mixing with equal parts water and honey, it created a clumpy paste that dries on your skin. After washing it off, my skin looked great! The only downfall to this product for me was how clumpy it was! But for how great my skin looked, I will definitely take the clumps! Overall, a great purchase!

This was my first time using a sheet mask and what an interesting experience it was! First of all, it wasn’t easy to apply at all! I had to apply it while laying down, which made the process so much harder! Not only did I first put it on my hair (yuck!), it even dripped into my eye! Aside from some issues getting started, I left this mask on for about 20 minutes, and after removing it, I saw absolutely no change. Instead, I had a really wet and sticky face. It wasn’t a total waste though, I was able to get some pretty interesting Snapchats out of it, which gave my boyfriend a good laugh. The things we do for beauty! Definitely not worth the $8.00!

After hearing so many positive things about this mask, I couldn’t wait to try it. After finally convincing myself to splurge on the $69 bottle of mud, I went for it! Unfortunately, this mask completely let me down! It left my skin feeling extremely dry and even broke me out! I was so upset! Definitely not worth it in my book!

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What are your favorite face masks?  Make sure to share below so Kristi and I have something new to try!

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  1. I live for facemasks! I'm currently obsessing over one with glycolic acid. It really helps with acne but isn't too harsh on my skin. Thanks for sharing your favourites!!

  2. I agree about Glamglow! I also have used Origins Charcoal mask and have been very pleased!

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