Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Celebrity Style Obsession: Kendall Jenner

While I am not a fan of the Kardashians, I do love Kendall Jenner!  She has been working hard to break away from her family and make a name for herself in the fashion industry and has been quite successful with it.  Since she began modeling she has landed countless runway shows and campaigns, most notably becoming the face of Estée Lauder.  To kick off New York Fashion Week I thought it was only appropriate to take a look at a model's style and as a model 'it girl' Kendall is the perfect choice.  Since she began modeling and her star in the fashion world has risen her style has evolved and become one to watch, whether she's rocking a chic off duty look or working the red carpet Kendall always seems to nail her looks. For her street style she typically rocks denim or leather pants, but will occasionally throw in a pretty dress or top and skirt combo.  Her red carpet looks are always changing, but one thing that stays consistent is her love for showing skin in a tasteful way.  To finish off her looks Kendall never fusses too much with her hair, instead preferring a more relaxed look with her glossy locks.  Kendall's great sense of style has helped to further her career and credibility in the fashion industry and she is definitely one to look to for outfit inspiration. Here I have for you my favorite looks that she has worn.

Which look is your favorite?

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  1. Kendall is gorgeous and her style is so chic!

  2. She's so pretty. I like some of what she wears, but not all of it.

  3. Hi dear,
    I totally love these images and your style is pretty awesome!

    Alice Cerea,

  4. Prettiest, most natural and stylish, and overall best girl in that family, IMO.


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