Thursday, May 28, 2015

April | May on Instagram

I'm a very visual person so it's no surprise that Instagram is my favorite social media platform (find me at @crumbsandcurls!).  I love how it allows you to share pieces of your life through pictures & really enjoy taking photos to share.  At the beginning of April I recapped my January, February & March on Instagram, & I thought that since it's been a while it was time to do an Instagram recap of the last two months.  I know it's only May 28th, but it's basically the end of May so I thought it was ok to do it a bit early.  Here are my favorite Instagram pictures from the last two months!

I shared this shot of my Maltese, Coco Chanel, on National Pet Day.  If you've seen my Instagram before you know I love sharing pictures of this little nugget because I just adore her!

For my sorority's International Reunion Day the Villanova Alpha Gamma Delta chapter comes together with the Saint Joseph's University Alpha Gamma Delta chapter for a luncheon.  Last year it was held at Villanova so this year we had it at St. Joe's & it just so happens that my sister is a member of the St. Joe's chapter!  We made sure to take lots of adorable double sister pictures like this.

At Villanova there are the most gorgeous pink trees that bloom in the spring.  I passed this one on my way to class every day & finally had to take a picture one day.  This was taken on one of those quintessential spring days & I'm so happy I was able to capture it.

This is me & two of my sorority sisters one Sunday after brunch.  Colleen, on the far left, graduated last year & lives kind of far from school so it was so great to get to see her!

At the beginning of May one of my best friends I have made at Villanova got engaged to her boyfriend.  We went out for drinks & dinner to celebrate & this is us at the restaurant.  Her & her fiancĂ© are the cutest couple & I could not be happier for the two of them!  Also her ring is absolutely gorgeous!

This is me outside of my apartment building at school the day I moved out.  I have lived in the same building for the last three years & next year I will be living in a different one so it was a little weird to be leaving it for good.  I have been really lucky with housing at school & had the cutest little apartment that I made so many great memories in!

I took this a few days after I got back from school during a walk with Coco.  My Dad & I like to take her to the lake near our house & walk her around it.  This is the church I grew up in, which is right on the lake.  It is such a beautiful church & I love the pink trees in front of it.

I'm not usually a selfie person, but I went for it & cut quite a few inches of my hair off so I thought it deserved a selfie.  The messy lob is so in right now & I've been loving it on everyone I see it on from bloggers to celebrities so I thought summer was the perfect time for something new.  I am so happy I cut it & I have to say it's really nice that my hair styling time has been cut in half!

The Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia is an old fashion ice cream parlour that makes the most delicious ice cream.  It also is the only place that I can get ice cream out at because of all of my food allergies.  If you're ever in Old City in Philadelphia you have to check it out!

These guys have been my good friends since freshmen year of college & they all recently graduated. Here we're at Chris's (the guy on the far right) graduation party & I was definitely feeling sentimental.

In March I had gotten my eyebrows waxed at a place near school & the women completely waxed off half of my one eyebrow!  Needless to say I was not happy & spent a while growing them back in & decided to let them completely grow out so I could get them shaped again.  I had been hearing about what a great job they do shaping brows at Benefit Cosmetics so one day when I was in Princeton I decided to stop by their boutique & get my eyebrows waxed & shaped.  I was so happy with how my brows turned out & that day they happened to be holding a fundraiser where 100% of the cost of brow waxes went to charities empowering women, which I loved.

While I was in Princeton my Mom & I walked through Princeton University's campus.  I am such a nerd & love checking out other college campuses.  Princeton is gorgeous & never disappoints.

I went out to school to put a few things in my storage locker & had to go to my favorite brunch spot while I was there.  Nudy's Cafe has the most amazing food, my favorite is their Cinnamon Bun French Toast, which is pictured here!

I have been lusting over white Converse sneakers for quite some time now, they are so chic & every stylish girl I know owns a pair.  I finally got this pair the other day & could not love them more!

Over the weekend I had my first steamers of the season, which was a great way to start summer! Steamers are one of my favorites & I can't wait to eat them all season.

So this was a quick recap of what has been going on in my life for the last two months.  You can see more on my Instagram account, @crumbsandcurls.  Make sure to follow me & leave me a comment letting me know your stopping by from here so I can follow back!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new haircut! That's what I have been eyeing lately as well. My hair is down the middle of my back and I am beyond SICK of it!

    I am loving all the photos in your post! Especially the trees and your outfits. Love it!


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