Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Girl Crush: Gigi Hadid

Lately it seems like Gigi Hadid has been everywhere, I had been noticing her for about a year now, but her presence has really increased lately.  This may have to do with the fact that her modeling work has steadily been increasing and right now it has really taken off with her work with Sports Illustrated, her new Maybelline contract, and more.  Gigi Hadid is pretty much perfect so today I'm confessing that she is latest my girl crush and telling you why!

1. She has incredible style.
Whether she's on the red carpet, between modeling jobs, or out with friends Gigi always looks chic. In addition to consistently looking fabulous, she is a style chameleon and always willing to try new looks, which really pays off.

2. She is absolutely gorgeous.
There is no denying that Gigi is one of the prettiest models around.  Of her good looks her portfolio on IMG says, "Hadid is an international hybrid of California-cool, all long blond tresses and sun-kissed skin, paired with exotic blue-green eyes and cherubic features, a reflection of her Palestinian parentage."

3. She's a good friend.
Ok, so I don't actually know this for a fact, but she is always surrounded by so many fabulous ladies that she just has to be a great friend!  Does anyone else want to be her newest bestie?!

4. She is very family oriented.
Gigi comes from a big family and seems to be quite close with them.  Her mother is Yolanda Foster, a former model and current Real Housewife, and her father is Mohamed Hadid, a real estate developer, both of who she is regularly seen with; her parents are divorced and her mother is remarried to David Foster, a music producer, who Gigi has been seen out with as well.  She has a younger sister and brother who are often featured on her Instagram, and several step siblings, above she is pictured with her step sister Sara and step niece Valentina.

5. She has been super successful.
Gigi is one of the top models of the moment and her success has been building over time.  In the past she has worked with Guess and Tom Ford, and for Spring 2015 she has campaigns with Guess, Seafolly, and Maybelline.  In addition to these contracts she has been featured in countless magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Sports Illustrated, and is Vogue EspaƱa's March covergirl.  

6. She has an insane body.
With a body like this it's no wonder that Gigi has been in the last two Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions.  She has one of those model bodies that makes me want to run to the gym so I can get more toned and just into overall better shape.  I would seriously kill for abs like hers!  

7. She's the perfect California girl.
Gigi hails from Los Angeles and just oozes West Coast coolness.  With her sandy blonde locks, sun kissed skin, and cool blue eyes she is the ideal California girl next door.  Her SoCal roots can also be seen at times in her fashion choices and are very apparent when she is at the beach.

8. She just seems really cool.
From what I've seen Gigi just seems like a really cool girl.  She seems happy with her life and career (how could she not be?!), and is definitely a star on the rise!

So now that you've heard why Gigi Hadid is my girl crush of the moment, let me know what you think below!

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  1. I've seen here everywhere, too, but had no clue who she was. So, thank you for enlightening me!

  2. You think she has an incredible body? You should see mine.

    Thanks for sharing at

  3. She's adorable, let's add her to our Blondetourage girl group please.

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