Friday, March 6, 2015

Skin Care for When You're Sick

Unfortunately we are still very much in cold season and with Spring on its way (soon, please, I'm begging you) we have allergy season to look forward to as well.  When you're sick with a cold, suffering from allergies, or are just stuck with a constant runny nose (from something like the wind) you need to adjust your skin care to take care of skin issues that can come with all of this.  From dry skin to chapped lips to a bright red nose I have all you need to make sure that your skin suffering is minimal.

Even when your skin is dry and your nose is irritated you still need to wash your face.  This CeraVe Cleanser is extremely mild and will cleanse your skin without disrupting its protective barrier.  In addition to saving the protective barrier, ceramides work to moisturize the skin.  This will help to gently remove anything that could potentially clog your pores without causing further irritation. 

I have talked about my love of this lotion on here a few times before because I really feel it is one of the best available.  CeraVe's website describes their skin saving technology as "uniquely formulated to increase the skin’s ability to attract, hold and distribute moisture. It penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum (the skin barrier) to restore the balance of essential lipids. This helps keep the skin barrier intact so it can limit moisture loss."  Using this lotion will help to put moisture back into your skin and combat further dryness and irritation.

I feel like I'm always talking about coconut oil, but that's because it really is that wonderful!  If your skin is really dry this will take moisturizing one step further than the CeraVe Lotion.  You can either apply this alone or mix it with the lotion.

When you're feeling sick or suffering from allergies chances are you have puffy eyes, and this cool gel will help to get rid of that.  With caffeine, mint, and a roller ball applicator it works to reduce puffiness and increase circulation.

Put this on before bed to keep your lips from getting chapped or to heal already chapped lips.  This is the only lip balm that stops my lips from getting horrible cracks and I religiously put it on every night, whether I am feeling sick or totally healthy.

When my nose is super irritated from constantly blowing it Neosporin is the only thing that can save it.  At night before I go to bed and periodically throughout the day I put this on my nose where it is irritated to soothe and heal it.  If my lips are feeling especially dry I will also layer this on top of the Neosporin Lip Therapy to really help them heal too.

Unfortunately being sick or suffering from allergies can suck in more way than one, but hopefully this can help you with your skin so that you have one less issue.  Is there anything that you feel really helps your skin when you have a cold?  Let me know below!

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  1. The Coconut oil is my favorite, thanks for sharing these awesome tips!

  2. I love CeraVe. My son has eczema and it's so gentle on his baby skin, which I totally appreciate. My hsuband and I use it too.

  3. From being sick to having stress on our body, the immune system can be affected by both stress. A lot can go wrong if you keep coughing all night.

  4. Rotes-Weinlaub-Creme revitalizes tired legs and feet, stimulating circulation.


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