Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Staying Stylish with Ame & Lulu

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Ame & Lulu. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

When running around campus—to and from classes, different sorority functions, and more, I always need a big tote bag to keep all of my essentials with me.  This is where my Ame & Lulu Easy Tote comes in!  This tote has so much space and holds everything I need from my planner to my iPad to any snacks I want to bring with me.
In 2003 Amye Kurson founded Ame & Lulu for busy girls on the go just like me.  Amye was an avid golfer, who was tired of the ugly look of traditional sportswear.  She wanted a stylish alternative to the unattractive pieces that she found, so she created her own line for active women.  Amy & Lulu has a colorful and classic all American design aesthetic, making their pieces perfect to pair with your everyday look. In addition to looking great, Ame & Lulu prides themselves on their quality construction and the authentic materials they use, which is something I love about the brand.

My favorite part about my Ame & Lulu Easy Tote is that it can seamlessly go from class to a meeting and then out to dinner with friends.  This bag is so roomy that it even allows me to throw a sweater or pair of shoes in the bag if I need to change up my look during the day.  I think this bag is going to really be important for me during our sorority recruitment in January because I need to have so many things with me at all times!  With this bag I will be able to bring just one tote instead of bringing several bags and trying to juggle them all.
In addition to my wonderful tote, Ame & Lulu's Key Pouch and Essentials Insert help to keep me organized when I'm on the go.  I always have a few different pouches in my bag so I can keep my items separated and make them easier to find.  I have my school ID, and money in my Key Pouch, while I keep a few beauty items in my Essential Insert.  For busy women with active lifestyles organization is key and can really help you keep on track.  This is exactly what Amye Kurson had in mind when designing Ame & Lulu!
For my pieces I picked out the Sugar pattern because I love pink and navy together!  However, I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time narrowing it down to which pattern was my favorite because they are all so adorable.  There are so many cute designs that you probably have difficulty deciding which you like too!  In addition to Sugar, I really like the Canary and Villa patterns.  However, since pink is my favorite color and navy is always beautiful, I went with Sugar!
This bag (and pattern!) is great to pair with jeans and a top or something a little more comfortable like workout clothes.  The versatility of this bag is important to me because every day is different—one day I'm not too busy and am dressed up, and the next I have on leggings and am running around doing errands.  It's great to have a bag that I know will go with whatever I'm wearing and help me to keep the things I need to stay focused.

With Ame & Lulu's dedication to making quality products for girls on the go I would highly recommend checking out all they have to offer!  I love using my Ame & Lulu's pieces and know you will too.  When you head over to their website (ameandlulu.com) type love25 when making a purchase for 25% off your order!

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  1. Love this tote & I'm with you on the pink and navy… adorable! xo

  2. I the pattern and bright color of the tote. It's so cute! Thanks for sharing. ;-)

    xo, Maria

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