Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jump Into Fall

When school started last week I wore a jumpsuit on the first day of classes.  It's a beautiful navy silk romper that I got at Urban Outfitters a few weeks back and am completely in love with, sadly it isn't online, but you can see my Instagram of it here.  Before I brought that jumpsuit I had never worn one before, I was always a romper girl, but for some reason I never forayed into jumpsuits.  Well since that purchase I have developed a bit of a jumpsuit obsession; they are super chic and versatile, and the perfect transition piece to bring you from Summer into Fall.

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I've picked these jumpsuits because are great for this time of year.  The solids I picked are neutral shades, which is a good way to start moving towards fall colors with your wardrobe; the prints are fun and can still be worn at this point in the season.  You can layer by adding a sweater if it is chilly out or going bare if it is still warmer.  The long sleeved jumpsuit, which I particularly love, is best for when temperatures really start to drop as those sleeves will keep you warm.  Flats, sandals,and heels, can all be worn with jumpsuits, which again allows you to tailor your outfit to the weather. Another thing I love about this piece is that it can easily be dressed up or down depending on your accessories making it wearable to so many different events.  For me a jumpsuit is a must have and something that you can wear countless times, countless ways, always looking stylish and on point - even during the change of season.

Do you have any jumpsuits?

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  1. Okay I am totally in the place you were before your urban outfitters perfect jumpsuit. I have worn rompers and I think they're adorable but I'm afraid I will look totally ridiculous in a jumpsuit! You pull it off PERFECTLY though!

  2. I haven't tried jumpers or rompers but they look super fun and chic! Love your selections for fall. Perhaps I will be inspired to give them a try one of these days!



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