Friday, July 25, 2014

Must Haves

There are always those few things that you just can't live without at one point in time, something you use on constant repeat, and these are mine right now.  I've got crafting, sweets, convenience, and skin care covered with my must haves of the moment.

I've been using this tape for a lot of crafts lately, and it's definitely the best out there to keep paint in its place for a clean look.  I used it to make this awesome shirt here and will be using it again soon to help me take the edges of a cork board from black to white.

2. Red Velvet Cupcakes
These babies are the best and I cannot get enough of them lately.  For some reasons I haven't been big on sweets recently (which is weird for me), but I have been craving red velvet like crazy.

I plan on doing a whole post about my skincare routine and I will give all the information on this then, but I had to include this here because it has been saving my skin lately.  Since I have started using in the morning and at night my skin has been much more clear and very bright, you could even say it's glowing.  

I've been stuck in soft shorts and t-shirts since I had surgery two weeks ago and have a back full of stitches because of it so these have been my go to when I've had to leave the house to run errands or do anything else.  They're also good for the beach or pool when I'm feeling better!

I am going to be doing a full post on this because it is that amazing.  It has seriously saved the dry skin I've been dealing with lately and smells delicious

Do you have any must haves right now?  Anything you just can't live without?
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  1. I can only imagine how amazing Vanilla Dee-Lite smells! Yummy :)

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  2. Oh I am really interested in hearing more about that face cleanser! Where do you buy it?


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