Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fall Photoshoot

Have you seen my new About Me page? Or my new introduction on the top of the side bar?  They both feature gorgeous pictures taken by one of my sorority sisters, Kelly Ryan.  Kelly is so talented & after school she wants to be a photo journalist (which I predict she will be super succesful at!).  We took photos on 2 days at different spots on campus.  The majority of pictures were taken behind the on campus mansion that we had our sorority initiation at.  We cannot figure out what that area it used to be, but it made for a pretty backdrop with all of it's cool deconstructed staircases & doorways.  We had a blast climbing around back there & exploring, it's an awesome place!  These are the pictures from the shoot, I am so thankful to Kelly for taking them!
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  1. Nice blog :) greetings from istanbul.

  2. You look gorgeous!! I love the fur vest :) I def have one on my wish list!


  3. Beautiful! And the location is dreamy!


  4. The pictures are nice. They look like something straight out of a movie scene.


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