Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Outfit Inspiration

It's here, it's really really here!  I cannot believe it's Christmas Eve!  I know I've said it before, but I really love this time of the year.  I have a few presents to wrap & some more baking to do before tonight, but I'm excited to do both.  I'm really just looking forward to celebrating & spending time with my family for a few days.  Since Christmas is in full swing now I thought I would share some outfit inspiration for tonight & tomorrow, because if you're anything like me you're still undecided about what you are wearing for tonight, tomorrow, or both!

Cozy: Sweater / Jeans / Shoes / Earrings
Dressy: Dress / Shoes / Earrings

Whether you're Christmas is casual or a little more dressed up I've got you covered.  Personally I am going for something that is somewhere between the two.  I'm thinking a dress & flats, but we'll see what I actually end up in!

A kitschy holiday sweater is perfect if you want to be comfy.  You can style it to make it look very chic & you will also look ├╝ber festive.  I paired it with a pair of skinnies from my favorite denim brand Mavi; the few pairs I own from them are crazy comfortable & I really recommend giving them a try.  I also own the ballet flats that are pictured, they go with everything, don't rub or smoosh my feet, & can be worn for long periods of time with no pain.  The flats have a metallic sheen, which is perfect for the holidays.  Finally top it all off with a pair of sparkly studs to add a little more glamour to the look!

I am in love with this dress, it is just perfect for this time of year.  It's demure, but the small cutout gives an unexpected sexy touch to it.  Add a pair of sparkly pumps, which will make it feel even more Christmas-y.  Finish off your look with earrings in the same color as the pumps & you are good to go!

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.  I am so looking forward to everything going on today & tomorrow!  Please take the time to stop to enjoy yourself & remember what the holidays are all about; love your family & cherish this time with them.  I will see you tomorrow with a little bloggy surprise!

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  1. Really nice stuff. I do really love that dress. There's a little Marylin Monrouge about it. Would deffo want one myself x)

  2. I'll be wearing a cozy outfit...I like to be comfy during the holidays. :) Have a merry Christmas!

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  3. I have those Lucky flats and they are super comfy!!

    Merry Christmas! xo


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