Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No Place Like New York 2

Yesterday I recapped the first part of my trip to New York on Sunday and as promised I have the rest for you today!  At the bottom I have a list of all the places we went to and I definitely recommend checking them out the next time you're in New York City.

We walked up 5th Avenue once we left Madison Square Park.  On our way to our next destination we happened to find Henri Bendel's, which I have always wanted to check out, but just never got the chance to.  I seriously do not know how I have never been there before, it is a girly-chic palace!  The store was stocked with so many great accessories and the walls were filled with gorgeous art created for Bendel's.  I say this is a must see for every girly-girl in the city.

Next we headed to FAO Schwarz, the kid is me always has to make a quick stop there.  I was so sad when I heard that they were closing in July and can't believe that this was probably my last visit.  I have to say that you could definitely tell the store was closing with the merchandise thinning out and the fact that there were so many people just trying to get a look at the New York icon before it's gone.  Usually when I go there I love to walk around and hit up the candy section, but never really do anything 'touristy,' this time we made an exception though and had some fun in the photo booth and made sure to get a picture with the soldiers outside the store.

When were done at the toy store we went straight to Central Park, apparently we were having a little bit of a park theme that day.  I went to Central Park for the first time about two years ago and fell in love with it.  I think it is so awesome that when you're there you're in the middle of this huge beautiful park, but when you look between the trees you see all of the skyscrapers and remember you are in the city.  The first time I went we went to the Zoo, which was so much fun, but even just walking through the Park is so great.  For this trip going to Central Park was the perfect time to sit on a bench, rest our feet, enjoy the weather, and do a little people watching (my Mom's favorite!).  I am dying to have a picnic in Central Park so I think the next time I am in New York I am going to have to make that happen.

To complete our trip we headed to the Upper East Side Sprinkles to get some sweet treats!  I am obsessed with the gluten free red velvet cupcakes they make, I have had a lot of gluten free baked goods and these are the most delicious by far.  My sister and I tell everyone we know with a gluten or wheat allergy that if they go into New York they must go to Sprinkles to get one (or twelve) of these! The store recently expanded to include cookies and ice cream in addition to cupcakes and I hadn't been since the construction was completed so I was super excited to see what they had done with the place.  I was not disappointed and Sprinkles is even better now than it was before, which is something I did not think was possible.  My absolute favorite part of the new and improved Sprinkles though was the Cupcake ATM, it is honestly one of the coolest things I have ever seen!  You go up to the ATM, select what cupcake(s) you want, and then what you ordered comes out exactly like a typical ATM, but so much better!

As promised above, below I have the complete list of everywhere I went when I was in New York City.  Some of the places on the list were new for me and others old favorites.

Where I Went:
Shopping and Window Shopping on 5th Avenue*
FAO Schwarz* (before July 15th) 

*Must Visit
**Great if you're not gluten free, but absolutely must go if you are gluten free.

Where are your favorite places to go when you're in New York City?  Tell me in the comments below, I would love to get some new ideas for the next time I go!

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  1. Watching Gossip Girl made me want to visit Bendel's and a picnic in Central Park sounds heavenly!

  2. I went to NYC when I was in 10th grade and have been dying to get back ever since. It looks like you had so much fun!

  3. NYC is always a great time! I've never been to the Henry Bendel up there, but I just to always pop in the one in San Diego - so cute! I just read your "about me" and I must ask - what part of Jersey are you from? I'm hoping that because you go to Villanova you're from South Jersey like myself. If not - we can still be friends ;). Kidding - but I grew up in the Pine Barrens!


  4. It looks like you had a great time in NYC! It's such a great city with so much energy. You made me want to plan another visit there soon!
    xo Rachael

  5. I was just in NYC today with my grandma! Sadly didn't get to go to this amazing cupcake place! Looks like you had an awesome time though!
    xx, kenz


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